Firewatch, First Game Developed by Campo Santo

The up and coming indie developers, Campo Santo, have just announced their new game: FirewatchThe single player, first person mystery, set in Wyoming, has been awaited since the formation of the studio in September of last year. The studio has previous members of TellTale and Klei Entertainment, so expectedly, gamers are anticipating the first title from the potent combination.

The character you play as is called Henry, who is employed to be a lookout from a watchtower, looking for smoke in the wilderness enveloping him. Something soon catches his eye, drawing him away from the haven of his watchtower into the unknown wilderness around him.

The only contact Henry, ergo the gamer, has with the human world is his supervisor, Delilah, who can only be spoken to through a handheld radio. However, due to choices made by the player, this relationship can either be made stronger or destroyed throughout the duration of the game. This gives the impression that there will be a lot of choices to be made in the game, which may lead to speculation that there could be alternate endings.

The game was recently announced on Campo Santo’s website and a website dedicated to the game has also been created. So if you want to follow the news for this game, keep an eye on these two websites.

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