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Christmas came early for  gamers with the long awaited release of Final Fantasy XV this week. After years of anticipation, the game was finally released yesterday and has already sucked an overwhelming majority of us in for the long haul. Before you jump in to the deep end, here’s my top five Final Fantasy XV tips to make the game perhaps a little easier, but also much more enjoyable.

Watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVkingsglaive

The accompanying movie created to provide backstory and character building to some of the supporting characters in the Final Fantasy XV world is definitely worth checking out. As the game begins, the events of the movie take place simultaneously and the references to the fallout are mentioned during the game proper. Having an understanding of the story and context helps fill in some of the blanks that the game does not provide outside of some flashes of scenes from the movie.

You can download Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV in the PlayStation Store, YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, or the Google Play Store.


Remember, This is “A Final Fantasy For Fans and First-Timers”cindy

This statement is scrawled across the screen before the main title and it could not be more apt. While the game itself definitely has familiar Final Fantasy elements, it feels more like a hybrid style between the more traditional Japanese RPG style and the modern western style RPGs. Square Enix clearly wants to welcome everyone to this game and not have it be something that only the hardcore series fans can enjoy.

Through both the introductory training and onscreen tips, the controls are easy to pickup and start hacking and slashing like a pro. With such a gentle learning curve attention has been paid to bring everyone into the game no matter what previous skill set they bring to the table.



A game that can clock in at 60 to 70 hours may feel daunting. Dropping into the world, you may have the urge to progress and focus on the main story but that would be a disservice to yourself and the game. The slower moments: driving, walking around, even doing simple side quests, can provide some of the best character conversations and improve the immersion as well as overall enjoyment of the game. Final Fantasy XV allows you to play at your own pace, so you should take the time to enjoy it. For a game that was ten years in the making, there is no reason to rush through it.


Get Those Final Fantasy CDs

At the outposts, vendors provide potions, food, and various car accessories for purchase. Some of these accessories are the soundtracks for past Final Fantasy games that you can play while cruising around in the Regalia. The sheer scope of how many songs are available is insane and surfing through your favorites as well as new tracks can provide a perfect setting for those drives between quests. Additionally you should grab the portable player in the Regalia’s shop to take the tunes with you while you are on foot!

Make Use of Ascension

Once you get in game and start playing, you can boost your party’s stats and abilities using the in-game system called, Ascension. The grid system is essentially your way of unlocking ability points. There are a whole host of abilities to unlock and you should absolutely start unlocking them as soon as you can. I would recommend unlocking Ignis’s Regroup technique quickly as it provides a nice party heal which can be a literal life saver when you first are out navigating the dangers of the world.


With these Final Fantasy XV tips I have provide you can now go forth, into the storm, armed with weapons and the power of friendship. Reclaim your rightful place and lead your people, I wish you luck and have faith in you! Any other tips you would recommend before jumping in? Let us know in the comments below.

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