Final Fantasy XV Movie In The Works and More!

Update: Final Fantasy: Brotherhood’s first episode can now be watching on the Crunchyroll anime streaming service.

The Final Fantasy XV event known as Uncovered FFXV dropped some major announcements following the game’s leaked release date of September 3oth

The release date for Final Fantasy XV was leaked prematurely by GameSpot but it quickly became clear that the release date itself wasn’t the only piece of important information in store for us at Uncovered FFXV.

First up, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can now go and download the free ‘Platinum Demo’, which takes place before the events of Final Fantasy XV and is considered to be a standalone experience.

The Platinum Demo won’t be the only way to dig further in the game’s backstory either. The highly anticipated action RPG has a tie-in anime in the works as well. The anime in question is called Brotherhood and this will be a series of five episodes focusing on the four main protagonists of Final Fantasy XV.

Each episode is reported to be 10 minutes long as the backstory relationship between Noctis and his other companions is explained. The first episode went live shortly after the Uncovered event ended with the remaining episodes airing on a later date. This animated series for Final Fantasy XV was produced by A-1 Pictures, known for their work on Sword Art Online. Folks can now watch the first episode on YouTube.

Following the anime announcement, we also have a film coming out later this year as well. Kingsglaive focuses on Noctis’ father, King Regis and takes place during the events of Final Fantasy XV. Big star power is behind this film as Sean Bean, known for his role as Eddard Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones, plays King Regis. Game of Thrones actress, Lena Heady (Queen Cersei) voices the female lead Luna. Oh yeah, Aaron Paul also plays a role in the movie as one of the protagonists. Both Kingsglaive and the rest of Brotherhood’s episodes will arrive on digital platforms before Final Fantasy XV launches later this year.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will not only receive just a deluxe edition but also a limited ultimate collector’s edition for the hardcore fans out there. Both editions will become available at the Square Enix Online Store soon. Better pay attention to the site though; there will only be 30,000 of the ultimate collector’s editions for purchase.

We got to see some new footage of the environments and gameplay aspects for Final Fantasy XV as well. Noctis and his buddies travel outside the kingdom for one last hurrah and do it in style. Driving around in their slick car, players are sure to enjoy the beautiful sights while listening to old soundtracks from previous games via the Final Fantasy radio. The radio addition was definitely a nice touch. In short, the game looks quite appealing and should manage to please the masses.

Final Fantasy XV can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles when it hopefully releases on September 30th. No word currently on whether or not a PC version is in the works.

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