Could We See Final Fantasy VII on Steam in the Near Future?

  • CustomHedgie

    I will visit your blog regularly for some latest news.

  • Tia Zuehlke

    I’ve decided to get Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII for my PSP but I don’t know if you can watch the cutscenes in Japanese. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Harriett Legler

    Like why are some final fantasies made by Squaresoft and others Square Enix?

  • Joanne Mefford

    In kingdom hearts, fighting is just as easy as hiting buttons but in final fantasy games you have to select an action for your character to take and then you have to wait like 10 seconds for them to do one move. Then you have to wait again and thats why i dont like that game. But my question is in Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, is the fighting like kingdom hearts or like the rest of the final fantasy games?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    I’m not a big anime fan but I kind if like final fantasy and kingdom hearts. I’m starting to watch ff vii and I just don’t get what is going on give me a basic story of what happened i have not seen any if the other movies

  • che-che

    I’m trying to make a Final Fantasy VII music video using windows movie maker, Does anyone know of a good place to download FFVII Advent Children clips from??


  • joevsyou

    I heard about them wanting to do this and actually starting it but I haven’t heard any more recent details about it. Anybody know?

  • Mark M

    My brother is on the third disk, on Final Fantasy VII and is having a hard time getting to max level. He is around where the crater to go fight Sephiroth, but he wants to gain more levels, or get to max level before that…

    Cloud: 55
    Vincent: 51
    Red XIII: 51

    He’s quite aggravated.

    So any help will be appreciated.

  • callofduty5123412

    I wanted to start my game over from scratch, but I wanted to try out a different mod. I’ve uninstalled the game, removed all of it’s components, and reinstalled it again. It still has the same save file. It says I’m at lvl.99 at the highwind everytime. I’m not very computer savvy so am i missing something? Help please?

  • callofduty5123412

    I’ve seen the DVD version of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and recently just got the Blue-ray Complete version, but it says that it’s Unrated. Does anyone know if that means this contains anything new that may be inappropriate besides violence? I’ve seen only the fight with Sephiroth (which now looks even more amazing) and I noticed they added more blood, but I’m ok with that.

  • Michael K

    It isn’t my question. My little cousin has the game and doesn’t have an email and asked me how because he can’t seem to get it to work. He wants to switch out Aeris for Barett or something, but can’t seem to get it. So, please, for the sake of a seven year-old girl, lend a helping hand. 🙂 Thank you.

  • Ray D

    Ive played FF7 and ff9 and looking for another game which is kinda similar and not hard to understand like these two. I’ll probably be getting FFXII when it comes out, ive just tried chrono cross, but im finding it very complicated at all, it’s completely, different, i don’t understand it at all it’s all a bit slow and confusing elements and all, don’t think i have the patience for it tbh.

  • thinkthought

    im dynasty warrior fan, but ffvii is special to me. will there be cloud tifa cid barret aris and very charcater in ff7 going to be in the new game call Dissidia. it will be cool. i don’t know most other character on cover

    im buying the game becasue cloud in it

  • encyclopath

    I even know a guy that cried. lol
    Sephiroth jumps off a roof thing and stabs with an eight foot sword. It was kind of funny.

  • Gundown64

    I mean, like almost every game has an amazing storyline and characters. How do they do it so fast, and what do you think influences them?

  • dubmecrazy3

    I know Gackt sang the theme, Redemption, and I also believe that he voiced Vincent Valentine, but is there anyone out there who’s certain? I’d appreciate it very much!

  • encyclopath

    And if i do get the jap version, would i still be able to play north american psp games, and plug the psp to my tv and transfer videos from my computer to the psp?

  • jag43216

    My friend recently showed me his phone and it has loads of cool games on, like Street Fighter and Worms etc, and he said that you could get a phone to play Final Fantasy VII (greatest game ever made) if you did it right. I’m pretty clueless about it all, so I was wondering if someone could recommend the cheapest (preferably) phone I would be able to play these types of games on.