Final Fantasy VII Returns Today

For those who would love to play Final Fantasy VII as a digital download on your PC, your chance is now! Square Enix has just released the 1997 PlayStation RPG game via the Square Enix eStore. Final Fantasy VII is now equipped with new features that include cloud saves and achievements. Members of their site and those who sign up before September 12, will get the game at a discounted price of $9.99 instead of paying the $11.99 price point.

As it stands right now, clicking on Final Fantasy VII from the Square Enix eStore yields a 404 error page. Square has already sent out a press release stating that Final Fantasy VII will be launching today, perhaps they are waiting for an announcement at Gamescon or there is something wrong on their end. It could also mean that the site is being flooded with gamers who wish to play this classic once again. Another probability is that Final Fantasy VII isn’t available in America yet, however the European site already has the product listed.

Either way, hopefully this issue with the download of Final Fantasy VII will be fixed shortly.

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