Day 13 of the Steam Holiday Sale

Ah, it’s finally upon us. The last day of the Steam Holiday Sale and the end of 2011.

Rounding out the end of the New Year are some fantastic deals:

  • 75% off BIT.TRIP BEAT and BIT.TRIP RUNNER – $2.49 each
  • 50-75% off Might & Magic franchise (varies)
  • 75% off Hitman franchise – $2.49 each (Silent Assassin, Codename 47, and Blood Money)
  • 75% off Grid – $3.74
  • 50% off Rochard – $4.99
  • 75% off Bioshock franchise – $4.99 each (Bioshock 1 & 2)
  • 75% off Counterstrike franchise (varies)
  • 75% off Hoard – $2.49
  • 75% off Magicka – $2.49
  • 75% off L.A. Noire Complete – $12.49
  • 50% off Dead Island – $19.99
  • 66% off Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale – $5.09

I highly recommend you take advantage of the Hitman, Bioshock, and L.A. Noire deals right now. Hitman is one of my favorite videogame series because it’s a game that emphasizes stealth. And it is god damned hard. There’s no babying you of any sort. You’re a high profile hitman for hire. Go figure it out. Not to mention it comes packed with an intriguing storyline.

Bioshock is one of those games I’d like to point out to Mr. Ebert and ask him how he can make the claim that videogames aren’t art. The story line features the fall of an underwater society built on ambition and Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism. Although it isn’t a horror game, the screams of the insane of the once-great Rapture is truly terrifying. I’ve never experienced a game with an atmosphere quite as visceral as this one, outside of maybe Skyrim.

There isn’t much I have to say about L. A. Noire… except that you have to get it now. I love the 50’s atmosphere and L.A. Noire captures it beautifully. Sure, it isn’t a game that lives up to 7 years worth of work, but the story line is still pretty damn great. You’re also probably not going to see it any lower than $12.49 anywhere else for a while, so get it while the savings are hot.

Also ending the Steam Holiday Sale is the Great Gift Pile. Get as many achievements available for the Great Gift Pile now or else it’ll be too late. Stock up on your coal for a chance to get the Grand Prize in the Epic Holiday Giveaway, which if you’ve forgotten, is EVERY game on Steam.

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