Far Cry 5 Coming By March 2018

Far Cry 5 Early Logo

Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 5 will launch by March 31, 2018 as part of the company’s annual earnings report.

The announcement was part of the company’s broader plans for the coming year. In addition to Far Cry 5, the company will release The Crew 2, the next Assassin’s Creed game, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

The company didn’t reveal any additional details; however, the game will have a live component. “All our games are bringing live operations,” said Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez during an investor call. Ubisoft stressed the importance of live operation and microtransactions during its presentation. The company revealed that The Crew made as much in its third year as it did in year two. Ubisoft said in total, it plans to operate six live games in the coming year.

Far Cry 5 is the first entry in the franchise since 2014’s Far Cry Primal. The games are open-world first-person shooters, which also include crafting and RPG-style character progression. The first game in the series was developed by Crytek with the IP owned by Ubisoft. Crytek would go on to develop Crysis as a spiritual successor to the game. The series has consistently been one of the best-selling franchises. Far Cry 4 was the seventh best-selling game in 2014 and Far Cry Primal was the highest selling February release ever when it launched last year.

Ubisoft didn’t confirm any platforms for Far Cry 5. Expect to see more details at the company’s E3 presentation on June 12.

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