Fantasia: Music Evolved | A Disney and Harmonix Collaboration

The creators of the original Guitar Hero and the Rock Band franchise are teaming up with Disney to release an all new “musical motion” game for Xbox One and Kinect on Xbox 360. Fantasia: Music Evolved places players in various “worlds of music and magic” where they use motion controls to shape the songs they select choosing to stay true to the original composition or indulging in a variety of remixes.

Check out the teaser trailer:

Harmonix is developing the game and they are definitely no strangers to the music genre. Although this time around there will be no plastic instruments involved. Instead, it looks like everything will be done through the magic (ahem) of motion control. Watching the trailer (which actually doesn’t show any real gameplay), it seems like it might be similar to Child of Eden, another Kinect game that blended music and motion. The screens, however, suggest you’ll be playing through different worlds where the musical choices you make will influence what you see on the screen.



Story is probably not necessarily what you are looking for in a music game, but Fantasia, like the Disney classic whose namesake it has inherited, has you taking on the role of a sorcerer’s apprentice.  Although instead of creating your own vivid interpretations of classical music pieces, you’ll choose tracks from 25 different artists ranging from Bruno Mars to Queen. Each song will include both the original version and two remixes.



Fantasia: Music Evolved is being developed for Xbox One and Kinect on Xbox 360, targeted for a 2014 release. Disney Interactive will have a live demo at their booth at E3, so stay tuned for more info.

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