Dead Trigger 2 Unleashes the Best Update to Date

MADFINGER Games is bringing their biggest update yet! Dead Trigger 2 will now feature a new tournament every weekend in the new Purgatory Arena and Arena of Death.

Last week we wrote about the Mazzacre Weekend tournament in Dead Trigger 2. The tournament warriors fight for awesome prizes, which are gold and money that guarantee satisfaction to all players. Dead Trigger 2 now has more than 600 gameplay scenarios, 30 unique environments, and over 30 kinds of weapons. These weapons help combat all of your zombie fighting needs. Try out the AREA-51 Gun that allows you to disintegrate each of your targets within seconds or the METAL STORM, which showers out multiple projectiles at any zombie you please.

Warriors hunting zombies in the updated Dead Trigger 2
Warriors hunting zombies in the updated Dead Trigger 2


“Now we bring the best and most extensive update of Dead Trigger 2. Our fans will enjoy a variety of tournaments with custom gladiator rules and powerful new guns.” – Peter Čížek, vice president of MADFINGER Games


Dead Trigger 2 also expands campaigns in this new update starting with a new developed European campaign. The campaign is titled the ‘Red One’ and is the origin of the mutation. MADFINGERS Games has opened all of the past story campaigns so that you can go back and relive all of the memories from your favorite storylines. There’s also an enhanced opening story campaign in America.

Are you a fan of Dead Trigger 2? Let us know what you think of the updates in the comments below.

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