Fanatical Gift Guide | 5 Gift Ideas for Gamers under $50

Gaming is expensive. The big purchase is usually the console itself and even then the expenses don’t stop or slow down, in fact, they only pick up speed. It’s hard to keep up with the latest games and latest gadgets and accessories but here at The Game Fanatics, we know what it’s like to burn a gaping hole in your wallet so heed our advice and get the very best for cheap. Whether it’s for yourself or a certain gamer in mind, these five gifts will surely be a hit.

*Some of these Fanatical Gift ideas are sale-oriented and may end sooner rather than later so act fast and check-out!

PlayStation Plus– 1 Year $49.99, Xbox Live Gift Card-$40



There’s no denying the value of PlayStation Plus as it’s a tool no gamer can live without. For only $49.99, you give them the gift of free games monthly and the ability to go online on PS4. Right now gamers can download Injustice: Gods among Us and Secret Ponchos for PS4 as well as other great titles for PS3 and Vita. Xbox Gamers can go on a shopping spree with the Xbox Live Gift Card of $40, they can download excellent titles like Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Costume Quest 2 for Xbox One.

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Nyko Charge Base – PS4 $19.99, Xbox One $28.23


An absolute must-have accessory for the non-stop gamer. This elegantly designed charge station works perfectly with PS4’s Dualshock 4 and Xbox One gamepads, ensuring that gamers who have this will never have to wait around too long to get back in the action.

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Nintendo Wii U amiibo figures– $12.99 each


Zelda, Pikachu, Mario and many more Nintendo icons are finding their way onto the interactive figurine space just like Activision’s highly popular Skylanders series. Our very own James Wynne wrote a great piece on his experiences with amiibo which you can check out here. You don’t even have to use them in accordance to the Wii U, you can just collect them all and have a nice looking collection on a shelf or right next to your favorite gaming consoles. These figures will only get more popular so hurry up and snatch them up before it’s too late.

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An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games: A detailed guide to the most important games; explores five decades of game evolution– $24.02


Experience the evolution of video games through 151 of the most influential titles with 500 photographs and screenshots. This would make a great, thoughtful gift for those really into gaming and are interested in the history and changes that videogames have undertaken. Every page is bursting with nostalgia and little-known secrets about the industry to keep the gamer invested for hours and hours without even picking up a controller.

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Eat. Sleep. Game. Mug 15-oz- $14.99

31NnjrR6EBLThe much smaller 11-oz mug is priced cheaper at $11.99 but why not go big? After all, gaming requires a lot of caffeine at times for those late-night binges. Give them the gift of eternal gaming with this awesome mug that pretty much summarizes a gamer’s true passion. This would make a great companion piece for the previously mentioned History book on the evolution of gaming.

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We hope we made your shopping list a bit more doable with these must-have affordable gift ideas for gamers. Whether it’s a lengthy book on the evolution of video games or a charging station for your precious controllers, many of these gifts are long-lasting and will definitely put a big smile on any gamer’s faces.

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