Fanatical Five | Top Five Xbox One Tricks

When the Xbox One was released, it came with all sorts of neat tricks that were never seen on a console before. From an HDMI input, to the new and improved Kinect features, to video game streaming, the Xbox One certainly had lots of tricks up its sleeves. Here are a few of our favorite Xbox One tricks.

Now, let’s get tricky! Sorry, couldn’t help it.

1. Got a QR Code? Scan it!

Xbox One Kinect qr code

There are two ways of entering a QR code into Xbox One. You can do it the old fashion way by sitting there, dealing with the keyboard and entering the twenty-five digit code manually, or you can just say, “Xbox, use a code”. After the Kinect activates, hold the QR code (from up to 6 feet away) up to it and it will automatically scan the code. It reads very quickly, taking only a few seconds as opposed to a couple of minutes. Less work for us, that makes this a pretty neat Xbox One trick right?

2. Download SmartGlass, and actually use it

SmartGlass gives users more space and imput methods on games such as Madden
SmartGlass gives users more space and imput methods on games such as Madden

Xbox One trick number 2 is a sort of best kept secrets for Xbox. SmartGlass has been around for quite a while and had been available on the Xbox 360 since late 2012, but it was used very little. SmartGlass lets users control their Xbox from their smartphone or tablet, and can be used as a second screen when playing certain games. This app can come in handy and can be accessed when not actually playing the Xbox. That way you can show your friends all your  achievements and sweet stats from your phone or tablet.

3. Use the HDMI input to watch cable, or Chromecast (US Only)

If you are a cable or satellite subscriber, and have a Xbox One with a Live Gold subscription, then you can run your television through the HDMI input of the One and straight to the television. Once hooked up, OneGuide can be set up to view live television listings from the provider. With the television service now run through the Xbox One, it means there will be no more searching for a remote or bending over at the television to switch inputs. You can also plug in your Chromecast, and though there’ll be no OneGuide, a simple voice command will switch your input and serve as a workaround (or, wait for it, Xbox One trick) to watch HBO Go on your Xbox One.

4. Your voice, use it more, seriously

To completely streamline your Xbox One with the rest of your entertainment, it can be set up to turn on or off your television or home theater system. In the ‘TV and OneGuide‘ area of settings, you can set up the Kinect sensors to your particular TV and you can make it as to where the commands, ‘Xbox, off’,can now turn off both your Xbox and your television, and, ‘Xbox, on’, turn them both on. Once this is set up, you can also use SmartGlass to control the volume, or turn on and off your Xbox and television.

5. Get fit while gaming

Xbox Fitness Screen (8)

There are many available workouts on Xbox Fitness, and with the One you can make the most of them. The Kinect once again shines as it gives you feed back on how you are doing with the workouts. It can measure your heart rate by sensing changes in your skin and can show muscle mapping; giving you feed back on how you can improve your form as you do each exercise. This Xbox trick is almost completely the opposite of all the others. And by that we mean, it encourages you to get off your butt and get in shape.


These tricks are just some of what the Xbox One has to offer with its new capabilities. Some of these allow for unlimited possibilities in the near future, while some just make things a little more organized and consolidated for gamers. We hope we have been able to help you help yourself with your Xbox One. If you know of some more neat Xbox One tips and tricks then, by all means, leave a comment so that others may share them.


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