Fanatical Five | Top Five Life-Saving Lessons We Learned From Grand Theft Auto 5

Ever since Rockstar began putting Grand Theft Auto into our homes, there have been many life lessons reaffirmed throughout the series. The latest, Grand Theft Auto 5, is no exception. We thought it would be fun to take a step back from the game, and reflect on some situations that are relevant to our lives and could possibly help us out or save us from an early death.

Here Are the Top Five Life-Saving Lessons

We Learned From Grand Theft Auto 5:


Texting and Driving Can Still Kill You

So there you are, driving along the asphalt path to a destination of your choosing, and you see your cell phone light up with a picture and do its little jingle; signalling you’ve just received what you think is the most important text message of your life from a friend or some questionable character. Now, you know you shouldn’t pick it up and read that message, much less reply to it, but the road is relatively clear so ‘Hey, why not?’. Guess what, your dead! How? You don’t know because the texting screen came up and apparently a dude in a random taco truck decided to set up shop in the middle of the road that particular day.

So there is your first lesson reaffirmed in GTA 5. Don’t text and drive. Take a quick look at this video by YouTube user Crescent Rose. It gets the point across fairly well.

Crossing the Street (or Anywhere Really) Without Looking Both Ways Can Still Kill You

Your mom always told you when you were growing up to look both ways before crossing the street. After all, roads are a dangerous place. In Grand Theft Auto 5 simply doing this before crossing the street may just not be enough. The difference is purely this: the trolls (and sometimes cops) are ridiculous, and will chase you across fields, large bodies of water and mountains just for the opportunity to mow you down.

The moral of this lesson is to take the time and preserve your well-being. Don’t be like this poor sap who was caught off guard, not paying attention…while he was walking on the pier.

GTA run over

Running Across Predators In Nature Can Kill You

It is a great day outside. Warm. There is a slight breeze and not a cloud in the sky. Seems like a good day to go for a hike in the mountains or swim at the beach, right? Both are completely normal activities, but they can be dangerous when to far off the beaten path or out in the open water with no one else around.

Scenario 1: So you are out there on the hills having yourself a good time alone with nature when you hear a growling hiss behind you. At that moment you realize you have crossed the path of a GTA 5 mountain lion and have forgotten your broken bottles, grenades and trusty minigun at home because it was your day off.

Scenario 2: So you are out there in the water a little further out than everyone else at the beach having yourself a good time alone with nature when you feel something brush by your feet. It is your worst nightmare in the water. A shark likes the way you smell and as with the mountain lion you have no weapons because it is your day off.

As you can guess neither of these scenarios really pan out very well. Never go hiking alone and far away from the beaten path or swimming in shark infested waters.

Doesn't really show what I meant, but its hilarious none the less and we couldn't leave it out.
Doesn’t really show what we meant, but it is hilarious none the less and I couldn’t leave it out.

Skydiving Without a Parachute Can Kill You

Once again you’ve got some free time on your hands, but unlike the unfortunate souls who had encounters with wildlife in number 3, you have elected to avoid all types of land animals and take up skydiving on this particular weekend.

Since this is GTA 5 you naturally know how to skydive so there is no need to take the class for beginners. I mean, why not just get out there and enjoy yourself? When at altitude the pilot gives the go ahead to jump out of the plane. You jump. You have an odd feeling that something isn’t right, or that something is just missing. Then it hits you…the ground, not the fact that you forgot the parachute sitting on the seat of the aircraft.

So there is lesson 4. Skydiving without a parachute is ill-advised. There are certain ways to survive this within the game but none of those are suggested for real life.

Heres a video from shouldigetit illustrating a way to miraculously survive the fall within the game

Carrying Large Amounts of Money Can Kill You

It’s not wise to flash money around or carry much around with you especially on GTA 5. Greed flows freely and the ATM is a dangerous place to spend your time. A mugger could be just around the corner waiting for you to complete your withdrawal or knock you down and take your wallet, or perhaps, a player just feels like being a troll.

So if you want to look out for your money, or are tired of being taken advantage of, just take the time to put it in the bank and cut your losses because I guarantee you will be mugged or killed for your money.


Those are just a few of the life lessons that have been reaffirmed by Grand Theft Auto 5. I hope you have enjoyed these potentially lethal hypothetical situations. We could save ourselves a lot of heartbreak by remembering these simple lessons, along with a little common sense.

What are some other life lessons you’ve learned or had confirmed by Grand Theft Auto 5?

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