Fanatical Five I Best New IPs from Gamescom 2014

It was great to see updated looks on previously announced games like Evolve and the brutally dark Bloodborne but it’s even better when we can be surprised and taken by brand new ideas and refreshingly new IPs. This year was no exception as Gamescom delivered the goods in almost relentless fashion, trailer after trailer; we saw what this great industry is heading towards.

 5. The Tomorrow Children, Q-Games

This extraordinary new game from veteran creator Dylan Cuthbert, of PixelJunk fame, is a far cry from what his team usually churns out and it has us extremely excited for it. And did we mention the music in the trailer is pretty awesome?

 4. Hellblade, Ninja Theory

Who else was thinking this was going to be Heavenly Sword 2? Ninja Theory is calling this title an “independent AAA” game which they explain means it was developed and published independently but still maintain the quality and production values of AAA games you see on the market. Confirmed as a digital title at a lower price, Hellblade’s indie-esque framework allows them to avoid the pitfalls of AAA retail which can water down and compromise a game’s original vision to appeal to a wider audience.

 3. Shadow Realms, Bioware

Bioware’s new game is set in a “modern fantasy world” and it’s an action RPG coming to PC with episodic content. The game features 4v1 with four players fighting against the Shadow Lord who can also be controlled by a player. The art direction looks fantastic and we can’t wait to see more. You can sign up for the closed beta by clicking here.

 2. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Astronauts

This game looks like a cross between Murdered: Soul Suspect and Datura but a lot more interesting with a tighter focus on narrative and storytelling through exploration. It’s a mystery game where you the player, an occult-mined detective, are trying to investigate the sudden disappearance of a boy in the wake of a brutal murder.

1. WiLD, Wild Sheep

A game world the size of Europe with dynamic weather and seasons; what is this sorcery? Original creator of Rayman, the visionary himself Michael Ancel wants this game to feel different and play different each time you jump into this vast world. From the wild-life to the humans, every single living thing is playable which opens up endless opportunities for interactive gameplay. The game is still early days but this game was one of the best unveilings this year at Gamescom and we can’t wait to see more about this ambitious new title.

Many of these brand new IPs don’t have release dates so we might be looking at some late 2015 releases. Whatever the case may be, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw extended looks at these games at next year’s E3. 2015 looks to be filled to the brim with blockbuster titles and these smaller, ambitious games will serve well to space out the monotony of shooters and uninspired sequels. But hey, 2014 isn’t looking too shabby either.

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