Fanatical Five I 5 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4 is on the way and while we don’t know much about it yet, there’s a lot of reasons to be excited. Here are five of them.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Fanatical Five I Top 5 Reasons Why we’re excited for Mass Effect 4 1

I lost faith in Bioware when they released Dragon Age 2, with its reused dungeons, small scope and dumbed down gameplay. Mass Effect 3’s ending didn’t help either. Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn’t even on my radar until release week, but fortunately Bioware proved themselves with this one. In my review for the game, I said it was everything I want for an RPG and not without good reason. Now, based on their last game and their commitment to making the fourth game in the series the best and biggest yet, I couldn’t be more excited.

The Universe

Fanatical Five I Top 5 Reasons Why we’re excited for Mass Effect 4 2

Mass Effect is up there with the best sci-fi settings in gaming. It’s a definite rival to other big sci-fi universes like Halo. Space travel is always a fascinating topic and when you add things like the potential to meet a whole new species, it’s easy to see why people find it compelling. It has the whole universe to explore, but tends to focus more on the characters.

The Characters

Fanatical Five I Top 5 Reasons Why we’re excited for Mass Effect 4 3

Bioware have some great writers and this couldn’t be more apparent than when looking at their Mass Effect characters. Mordin Solus, a scientist Salarian and Garrus Vakarian, a Turian sniper, are among the many interesting members of alien races you’ll meet while exploring the galaxy. A new Mass Effect game means new characters and new characters means I’m excited.

No More Shepard

Fanatical Five I Top 5 Reasons Why we’re excited for Mass Effect 4 4

The Mass Effect Trilogy is over. You won’t be playing as Shepard anymore, his/her story is over. As much as I liked the trilogy, I look forward to seeing Bioware do something new with the Mass Effect universe. It’s a world with so much to offer and Bioware have already promised that the new protagonist won’t just be a replica of Shepard.

DICE’s Frostbite 3 Engine

Fanatical Five I Top 5 Reasons Why we’re excited for Mass Effect 4 5

This is the engine used for Dragon Age: Inquisition and will also be used for Mass Effect 4. Considering the scope and intricacy Frostbite allowed for Inquisition’s world, I’m incredibly excited to take this engine into space to experience the vast Mass Effect universe in all its glory.


Tell us why you are excited (or not excited) for Mass Effect 4 in the comments below!

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