VIDEO: Get Ready to Scream In Five Nights At Freddy’s – Sister Location

Get Ready to Scream In Five Nights At Freddy's - Sister Location

In Five Nights at Freddy’s – Sister Location we must survive 5 nights at our new job keeping Circus Baby, Funtime Foxy and Ballora under wraps using electro shock therapy. All the while crawling around in vents to repair electrical systems and hopefully keeping ourselves from being dismembered by psychopathic animatronics. Once again we’ve enter the elevator down to our newest technician job at Circus Baby’s Pizza World with cutting-edge animatronic “entertainers”.

The first night starts out with a nice guided tutorial in how to keep our selves alive for the remanding nights. An awesome witty voice-over congratulates us with completing our first shift and we are able to go home to enjoy some popcorn and a movie. Now is where the screaming starts. Night Two is where everything goes wrong, power malfunctions, voice-over offline, all alone in the dark with killer animatronics after you that you can’t “encourage” to go back to their stages. We get prompted to hide under the table and don’t make eye contact and we will be alright as they will lose interest. Yea right, those crafty little guys will always find a way inside and try to kill you. The subtle noises as the animatronics approach is sickening, you just want to run away but we have a job to do.


Somehow managing to survive this long we are then informed by the voice-over that we will have to reboot the system manually and to move fast and low. Not knowing now who to trust the voice-over, that has been with us since the beginning or this new female voice telling us to go slow as the animatronics can only sense movement. We then make our way through Ballora’s territory with no way of protecting ourselves. Once through we can then start to reboot the system but its not as easy as it seems. All the animatronics want you dead and will do anything to achieve that.

VIDEO: Get Ready to Scream In Five Nights At Freddy’s – Sister Location

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