Fanatical Fashion | Video Game Inspired Leggings by Living Dead Clothing

Leggings are a hot trend right now in the fashion world. There are so many different patterns and styles of leggings out there, but there are none like the ones that Living Dead Clothing offers. From video game inspired designs to mermaid leggings, Living Dead Clothing is the place to get unique leggings for gamers.

8 Bit Brit Living Dead ClothingI was extremely excited when I saw that my Living Dead Clothing leggings came in the mail. The company is from Australia so it took longer than the norm to get a package. I reached out to them a while back to review some of their leggings and was excited to see that they sent two of their popular items instead of one. I was one happy and lucky geek!

They sent me their Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda inspired leggings. I love wearing them with a nice boat neck tunic or oversize sweater if the weather is cold! Check out my thoughts on the two leggings below!

Living Dead Clothing - Chibi Zelda Leggings
Living Dead Clothing – Chibi Zelda Leggings

As I mentioned preciously, to my surprise, I received two different leggings when I was only expecting one item. The surprise was these Legend of Zelda inspired leggings. Their “Chibi Zelda” leggings are absolutely adorable and vibrantly designed to make any Legend of Zelda fan squeal with excitement. I know I did!

In the “chibi” style of art that makes these leggings so damn adorable, you can find your favorite character(s) printed on the leggings.

Living Dead Clothing - Muz Leggings
Living Dead Clothing – Muz Leggings

Next up is the Super Mario Brothers inspired leggings that are just too hot not to wear. Living Dead Clothing has numerous styles inspired by the Super Mario Brothers franchise. On their site they are called the “Muz” leggings… and must I say that my absolute favorite parts of these leggings are the Toads on the butt cheeks. Yup! I said it! Cute adorable Toad on each butt cheek.

These leggings share the traditional Super Mario styled pipes and scenery on the bottoms of the leggings. With a bright blue background and specially placed characters these video game inspired leggings are to die for… only if you have more than one life of course!

Both of these leggings cost about 50.00 USD (55.00 AUD). You can expect these amazing leggings to be hand sewn with love. The fabric for the leggings is made out of 83% polyester, 17% soft spandex. There are strict washing instructions so be sure to follow them so you don’t ruin the leggings.

Living Dead Clothing is known for not just their leggings but their swimsuits, dresses and other amazing apparel. Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts for up to date information about their video game inspired apparel.


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