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Last week, my Fanatical Fashion crush of the week was Etsy store owner Ashley and her amazing skirts at GoFollowRabbits. This week, I found another Etsy store that may have stolen a little of my heart. Let me be your guide to the fashion beacon that is the Etsy store: Nerdkeyz!

‘Blow Me’ Nintendo NES Shirt

Blow Me Nintendo NES Ladies Vinyl Pressed Black Cotton T-shirt

Alright, alright! I’ll admit it, this shirt made me giggle. Not only is it cheeky and humorous, but it’s also quite marvelous. If I buy one thing on this list, (which to be honest, I probably will) it’ll be this shirt. The thing I love about this shirt is that when your memory card wasn’t reading, it was a general consensus that you just blew into it, as hard as possible, whilst praying to the high heavens that it worked when you slotted it back again. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that I wasn’t supposed to do that at all, with any memory card ever, but when it worked so well, who’s gonna stop me. I need to game! Click here for this shirt!

Majora’s mask shirt

Zelda Majora's Mask Inspired GLOW GEAR Mens Unisex Vinyl T-shirt

Whoa whoa whoa, stop the press. You see this right here? It’s glow in the dark! If that’s not enough to want to make you buy it, when it’s paired with this awesome design, then I’m afraid this list may not be right for you. Either that or you have no inner child. If you’re a fan of the prestigious Zelda franchise, then this Zelda inspired shirt may be just what you’re looking for.  For this shirt, click here!

Animal Crossing shirt

Animal Crossing Unisex T-shirt Tribute

If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, why not splash out a few bells and treat yourself. There’s nothing better to wear whilst you’re out on the town, picking up shells and digging up fossils. With a recognizable logo, you’re sure to turn heads and get few smiles with this one. For this shirt, click here.

Retro Gamer shirt

Retro Gaming Tribute Sega Mega Drive Japanese Console T-shirt

What better to pay homage to your retro gaming roots, then to wear your childhood on a shirt? Sega and Nintendo used to rule the lives of console lovers before the youngsters PlayStation and XBox came along. The rivalry reached something of infamy; who else remembers the slogan: ‘Genesis does what Nintendon’t!’ For this shirt, click here.

Yoshi Park shirt

Yoshi Park Parody T-shirt Men's Unisex Ultra high Quality

The famous Yoshi Park from the Mario baseball games. Enjoyable when it wasn’t frustrating, I way preferred when Yoshi‘s Park was in theme park style; I don’t know about you. But hey, you don’t need to have played those Mario games to be a fan of Yoshi, or this shirt. I personally think this shirt is a fabulous nod to the Mario franchise and with such a popular character on this shirt, what’s not to love? If you want this shirt, click here.

Final Fantasy shirt

Final Fantasy 8 Squall Griever Emblem Tribute Ladies Vinyl Pressed T-shirt

As it says in the Nerdkeyz store listing: ‘Wear the Leonheart, be the Leonheart.’ I don’t know about you, but I want to be Leonheart. He’s badass! He’s not my favorite character, but you know. He’s up there. Plus, Final Fantasy is a legendary franchise. If you too want to be Leonheart, click here.

Sonic and Knuckles shirt

Sonic & Knuckles Logo Tribute T-shirt

Imagine. A world where Sonic and Knuckles still ruled video games. Where running in loops, collecting rings was what you dedicated your life to. Doctor Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik was all you can think about, every minute of every day, how that boss fight was above your skill set and it was driving you up the wall. Those were good times. If you want to reminisce about the good times, you need to get this shirt. If you want it, come get it here.

Pikmin shirt

White Pikmin Tribute Ladies Vinyl Pressed T-shirt

Last but not least, on my Nerdkeyz fangirling list, is a Pikmin shirt. A GameCube classic that was recently bought back to life by the Wii, the franchise is now as popular as ever. This Nintendo game has been praised by millions and this shirt needs to be too. Not the most identifiable design, if you find someone who knows what it is, stick with them, kid, and you’ll be fine. Click here for this shirt.

That brings this Fanatical Fashion article to a close. Please show your support for Nerdkeyz, by either doing the wonderful and buying one of their shirts, or by spreading the word to your friends about this store. As also, if you like one of these shirts, let me know in the comments below!

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