Fanatical Fashion | Divine Rings For This Valentines

Thinking about treating a loved one with some jewellery this Valentines? Check out these rings, all of which will leave your loved one feeling great this Valentines!

I’ve found some rings on Etsy and whilst some follow the conventional heart shapes, there are a few that I dare you to buy instead.


Pixel Heart

Pixel Heart in Silver

Pixel Heart in Silver

Kicking it off, I thought I’d start with your basic heart. This pixel heart is a classic for a reason; the charming design is something that everybody loves. For your more laid back gamer, or just someone who likes the more simple approach. Available in both gold and silver, you can find them here.


Heart Containers Ring

Zelda Heart Containers

Zelda Heart Containers

Next up is a thicker ring, still silver, but instead this ring is Zelda inspired. Utilise the Triforce to gift someone with a present they’ll cherish. Find this ring here.

Kingdom Hearts Ring

Kingdom Hearts Heart
Kingdom Hearts Heart

Made out of wire, this ring can be bought in a variety of colors. Made to order, this ring is made in a way I’ve never seen before. Looking at the Etsy store who made it, if the wire catches your interest, everything in their store is made out of wire! For this ring, click here.

Super Mario Bros. Ring

Super Mario Bros. Star
Super Mario Bros. Star

Inspired by the infamous star from the Super Mario Bros. franchise, this ring is sure to be a hit with whoever you give it to. Cute and charming, you can find this ring here.

PacMan Ring

PacMan in Silver
PacMan in Silver

The thickest ring in the collection, this ring may arguably be one of the most recognizable in this article. Made with Silver, this Esty store has a lot of other rings that may catch your eye. PacMan inspired, you can find this ring if you click here.

World of Warcraft Ring

World Of Warcraft
World Of Warcraft

Inspired by the World of Warcraft games, this is a must have for your PC Gamer. One of the most popular and successful PC franchises, this ring will catch everybody’s eye. Click here for this ring.

Navi Fairy Ring

Navi Fairy
Navi Fairy

My personal favourite out of the collection in this article, this ring is just exquisite. In the ring listings, it states that on request the color can be changed so that the ring replicates a Tael or Tatl. But this picture shows the ring is inspired by the Navi fairy, all of which are infamous in the Zelda franchise. For this ring, click here.

Space Invaders Ring

Space Invaders in either Gold or Silver
Space Invaders in either Gold or Silver

Reigning it back in, here’s another delicate ring. Available in either gold or silver, this ring is inspired by the Space Invaders franchise, which first shot to success in 1978. Perfect for your retro gamer. If this ring catches your eye, click here.

Triforce Ring

Triforce in Silver
Triforce in Silver


Finishing of this list, I thought I’d leave another Zelda ring here. Everyone loves Zelda, right? Inspired by the Triforce, like many things are when inspired by Zelda, this ring is rather cool. If you like this one, make sure to click here.

So, that’s my list of rings you might like to gift someone with this Valentines. Even if you buy them for yourself, I’m not judging! Hell, I’ll probably buy one for myself too. If you liked any of the rings in this article, don’t forget to let me know!

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