Fanatical Culture | Top tumblr Gaming Blogs You Need to Follow

Here at The Game Fanatics, we’re all about social media. Many of the fanatics here have tumblr blogs, so we’ve composed our list of must follow tumblr gaming blogs. If you don’t have a tumblr blog, we could not encourage you enough to create one. The social media platform is a large expanse filled with beautiful graphics and amazing gifs, news stories from all around the world and people who share the same interests as you. I’ve met some interesting people on tumblr, people who I’ve come to call friends, so I really could not recommend  a tumblr enough if you don’t have one.

PlayStation tumblr Blog

First on the list is the official PlayStation tumblr, which is simply dedicated to all things PlayStation. If you’re a fan of the Sony console, this is a must when it comes to following blogs.

playstation tumblr blog

Xbox tumblr Blog

Next up is the official Xbox tumblr; likewise to the Playstation tumblr, this tumblr is dedicated to Xbox. When it comes to this Microsoft console, there is no better place to be kept up to date with all the latest and greatest.

xbox tumblr blog

Nintendo tumblr Blog

Not the official Nintendo tumblr blog, but fans regard it as pretty close to it: Tiny Cartridge. All Nintendo platforms are found on this website; nothing Nintendo escapes this blog.

tinycartridge tumblr blog

Did you Know Gaming?

The Did You Know Gaming? tumblr posts facts about video games, which you may have never heard before. For example, a fact states: ‘The serial number ‘55402MS’ can be seen on crate carousels in Mario Kart 8’s Sunshine Airport. This code actually references the European and Australian release date for Super Mario Sunshine, which was October 4th, 2002.’ The more you know!

did you know gaming tumblr blog

Gamer Music

Another great tumblr is the Gamer Music tumblr blog, which features music composed for video games. They have an easily maneuvered site, through use of tags and a search bar, making it easy to find your favorite video game soundtrack.

gamer music tumblr blog

Gaming Things That Make You Rage

Gaming Things That Make You Rage is another great tumblr, which takes submissions from fans who state which games and sections of games made them rage, up to and past rage quitting. You’re sure to find a submission which brings back memories of you shouting and pulling your hair out, turning your console off without saving and going to sulk on your bed. Everyone else has!

gamer rage tumblr blog

[alert size=”alert-block” variation=”alert-info”]These blogs focus on video game and pop culture[/alert]


Pixalry focuses on art and design; their sole purpose is to spread work of talented artists all around the internet. Focusing on all things nerdy and classed under video game, they showcase talent on their blog. Plus, they credit their creators, something which can be difficult to find when copy and paste seems to be the norm when it comes to images.

pixalry tumblr blog


Another blog that is very similar to Pixalry is XombieDIRGE. Taking a different approach to their blog, they have more cartoon-y art and a lot of tags, meaning navigating through their blog is easier than most video gaming art blogs you may come across.

xombiedirge tumblr blog

Kill Screen

Kill Screen is a video game arts and culture company, who even have their own magazine, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Publishing news alongside pictures, you are kept up to date with whatever the video game world has to offer.

killscreen tumblr blog

Geeks ‘n’ Gamers

The Geeks ‘n’ Gamers blog also showcases artist’s work, crediting the original authors. They love to advertise the artist’s work on various sites, making it possible for artists to become well known.

geeksandgamers tumblr blog

[alert size=”alert-block” variation=”alert-info”]These blogs are run by big gaming fans, who run amazing blogs[/alert]

Insanely Gaming

Mallory, the owner of Insanely Gaming, has been blogging for three years, which has allowed her enough time to get very popular in the gaming world. From live streams to tweets, Mallory likes to talk about all things gaming with a dash of Adventure Time.

insanelygaming tumblr blog

The Omega Nerd

I’ve been following The Omega Nerd on twitter for almost a year now and his rise to tumblr fame was brilliant. He’s a very humble guy, who simply loves video game artwork and culture, which helps artists get known through his blog.

omeganerd tumblr blog

Top Girl Gamer

The Top Girl Gamer blog is owned by our own 8BitBrit, Brittany, so we couldn’t recommend it enough to you. With a blend of video game culture and nerdiness, it’s a pristine fan blog which will provide you with lots of easy reblogs.

topgirlgamer tumblr blog



Make sure you follow The Game Fanatics! We publish a lot of our articles on our blog, especially image heavy ones, meaning that we can keep you up to date with all things video gaming when you’re blogging. We post gif sets, screen shots, images, and with everything tagged, the site can be navigated through easily. Give us a follow!

the game fanatics tumblr blog


So there you have it, our list of favorite Tumblr gaming blogs. Think we missed a blog worthy of a mention? Let us know in the comments below! We’re always looking for blogs that may be of interest to fellow fanatics, so if you know of one you think we should see, give us a shout!

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