Fanatical Culture | The Pokémon Playing Fish

A Twitch user has been streaming their fish, named Grayson Hopper, playing Pokémon Red! You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Grayson is able to spend hours of fun gaming as his owners have set up a webcam system, which is mapped out by a three-by-three gird, which acts as the controller to the game. Each square is used as a different button of a Gameboy control, allowing Grayson to move around and ‘press’ different action buttons. When Grayson swims into that square, the action is performed in the game.

The series of random actions that Grayson inputs means that the gaming fish sometimes stays in a single room for quite some time, since he’s managed to make it outside his house into Pallet Town, but there’s never a dull moment when you’re gaming with Grayson! Grayson has managed to accumulate over 170 hours of playing time, during which he’s managed to choose a Charmander, name them AAAABBK, after selecting to name his Charmander#s name himself, and defeat his rival’s Squirtle.

The system, set up by developers from the hackNY Fellows Class of 2014, who attend University of Chicago and Columbia University. Specifically, Catherine and Patrick who set up the stream. You can follow them both on twiiter: @catmoresco and @plfacheris!

If you’d like to watch Grayson, you can check out his twitch channel ‘Fish Plays Pokémon’.

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