Fanatical Five: Top 5 Patriotic American Games

  • Sindoya

    Thanks for this!

  • Bad Dudes is from 1989! The numbers switched places..=P

  • Melisa Klenke

    Shortly before President Obama departs for a trip to the Middle East, a new national poll suggests that only one in five Americans has a favorable view of Muslim countries.
    It means 20%

    That view compares with 46 percent of the people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey who say they have an unfavorable opinion of Muslim countries. That’s up 5 percentage points from 2002, when 41 percent indicated that they had an unfavorable view.

    So, almost 10 years after the 9/11, 5% MORE Americans think unfavorably of Islam.

    But of course in Europe which many call Eurabia, Muslims are the favorites…

    In Europe, in spite of the Arab propagandists ´efforts to assure us of the idyllic picture of harmony, the people dislike Islam even more than in the USA.
    83% of Spaniards, 78% of Germans, 72% of Russians, 50% of French and 48% of Brits consider Muslims “fanatical”.
    60% of Spaniards, 59% of Russians, 52% of Germans, 41% of Frenchs and 32% of Brits consider Muslims “violent”.

    And in Asia?
    73% of Indians, consider Muslims “fanatical” and 67% of Indians, consider Muslims “violent”.

    “Islam is triumphing”???


  • Alejandra Fleishman

    For those of you that don’t know, Ronnie Ray Gun’s economic policy was called trickle-down.

  • Marcie Carew

    we all know the republican mantra is to never negotiate with terrorist, HE DID
    we also know he was not a A-list actor so when the money was drying up, Ronnie a life long Democrat decided politics can make him more money, HE DID switched parties.
    HE DID, support amnesty and gave many many illegals AMNESTY.
    HE WAS a tax raiser.
    HE DID close corporate loopholes.
    HE DID launch an illegal war in central america,
    At the same time the motto: was “say no to drugs” his administration was responsible for bringing crack cocaine into inner cities to fight illegal wars,
    anyone can name call, it is what it is, fight with knowledge not ignorance.

  • Eberhard

    Assuming Reagan was still dead?

  • Roslyn Pasley

    Considering how much the tea partiers worship him?

  • Maricela Rothrock

    We are in the midst of a financial crisis.

    Inequality, at home and on the global scale, is growing.

    We have constantly growing budget deficits.

    Our national debt has skyrocketed.

    Consumer debt is at unprecedented levels.

    We are in an increasingly unstable global economy.

    After a fit of cut-taxes-and-deregulate-industry madness under Saint Ronnie Reagen and the Contract On America crowd, our economy has become more unstable then at any time since the high cotton days before the Great Depression.

    The question is: What is to be done?

  • Noemi Madero

    Paul Grass – Beating Ford in the Primaries would not be a difficult challenge considering Ford pardoned Nixon and got a bad reputation for it.
    Actually forget my comment Paul Grass, I forgot that primaries were conducted differently back then.

  • Marcia Hester

    After all, Ronnie raised taxes 11 times when he realized the deficit was out of control. Of course it took a Democratic president (Clinton) to actually balance the budget. Just think what good shape we would be in today if Al Gore was elected in 2000 – budget surpluses, no needlessly wounded veterans . . . well, you get the picture.

  • Molly Griego

    Only if you give him four more years. Please vote for my man one more time. PLEASE !!!

  • Stella Sotelo

    John McCain is older then dirt. Did we learn nothing from good old ronnie sleeping through cabinet meets, and going senile while in office? How do you think the terrorists would react if they knew we had a senile president?

  • Christy

    I understand why Israel doesn’t want the Palestinians to gain statehood because they would not be able again to so easily settle on the Palestinian’s land, forcibly remove Palestinians from their homes and restrict Palestinian movement in the region. In other words Israel would lose power over the Palestinians but how does this benefit America. How does stopping the Palestinians from gaining statehood specifically benefit America. In my opinion it doesn’t benefit America but America still goes along with it so as not to offend Israel. Sometimes to me America just seems like Israel’s puppet state because America does so much for Israel but Israel does so little for America. America gives billions of dollars in aid to Israel but Israel hardly does anything for America. America now is in a recession what has Israel done to help America? Also many Americans don’t know this but the Arabs in the Middle East mainly hate America because America is Israel’s no. 1 ally if America didn’t have such close ties to Israel they wouldn’t really hate America. Think about it the Arabs don’t really hate Canada and Mexico because they are not very strongly allied with Israel like America is.
    @keith It was the Afghans who were laughing .
    @ If the Palestinians gained statehood then I don’t see why they would have a need to attack Israel besides if that happens Israel returning fire will be seen as more than acceptable .

  • sarah w

    I love to paint my nails and I actually make tutorials on youtube….
    but i am blanking on an idea for fourth of july. I want it to be unique but at the same time cute and patriotic. If you have any ideas please let me know!
    Thanks and have a happy fourth!

  • Random

    For those of you that don’t know, Ronnie Ray Gun’s economic policy was called trickle-down.

  • rashest_hippo

    Every step ronnie took had to be approved by his liberal cali astrologer joan quigley.

  • johnkaiser 22

    For those of you that don’t know, Ronnie Ray Gun’s economic policy was called trickle-down.

  • ibjammin44

    For those of you that don’t know, Ronnie Ray Gun’s economic policy was called trickle-down.

  • lucasg615

    Gary Glitter
    The Pope
    David Koresh
    President Bush
    President Obama
    Tony Blair
    David Cameron

    And do any of them have anything in common.

    Thank you!

  • Stevalicious

    NOTE: This question is for everyone in any country in all continents. Please no debating or slamming. No slangs or politicking.

    America’s image is mixed all around the world. Some say the USA supports proxy wars and is a world police. Some hate America while others love it. What is your opinion about America?

    What do you feel is good/positive in America and what is bad/negative in America? If you suggest there are problems how would you propose to solve them.

    One controversy that arises in the international arena is should America be in other countries still since World War II ended. What is you opinion on this?

    NOTE: All views are welcome and please do not rate answers you dislike. It is okay if people disagree but respect each other. Each one has their own views even if you like them or not. Also no attacks on respondents please. Be clear about your answers.

  • mr flibble

    How were the immigrants coming to America between 1880-1930 different than immigrants coming to America today?

  • Austin

    Becuz only ppl in Great England speak England. How wud I understand Little America City people if they speak America?

    I heard little America is made of Mexico, France, because the crazy Little Canada people speak France language, Greenland, and Little America.

    I know America is a language becuz every country has a different language, like Scotland people speak Scotland and Wales people speak Wales.

    I’ve been dying to watch Mythbuster but it was made in Great Australia and Little America City and can’t understand America language and only speak England language?

  • Dr Dorian

    I would love to see America become competitive in the fovurite sport in the world!
    You do realise Baseball and Basketball essentially have their roots in european girls games?

    You don’t want to compete with the rest of the world? Ok fair enough you stick to playing rugby with helmets on. Sorry to bother you maybe your momma’s will let you out to play with the big boys next century.

  • slipknot0129

    What are the leading institutions within America? What is the leadership within these institutions? How do they support/ effect the leadership of America? Besides the financial institutions which are banks.

  • nothin_nyce1

    Land of the free (America had slaves) and home of the brave (Native Americans had braves and not the ones in Atlanta)

    When will these issues become election issues?
    To Grump 56.

    There are people around today who still benefit from slavery.

  • Derek

    Would Americans accept this and support the first Hispanic female President of America ? The mens have not done a good enough job of running this country.We need to try some womens running this country and I would like to see us elect Janet Murguía of La Raza she would make a great President. I would vote her .

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    i live in australia and desperately want to move to america by 18.
    i am 14 no famiy there or related to anyone born there.
    could i still get into america.
    and which state is best like to travel/live(out of all 50)
    california new york las vegas texas e.t.c
    ok thanks everyone
    and i didnt know that i could go and study or can i only go and study there at a certain age?

  • zaclo

    Since he wouldn’t be allowed to speak his opinions in public, would he be trying to leave America on a boat? He would be just a guy living under the orders of a Dictatorship, that would drive him crazy! America has alot of Cubans who escaped their country who love the freedom here, most who tried to escape Cuba were killed before they got very far.

  • Alun J

    The alien technologies at Area 51 are worth at least trillions for your abilities to replace the oil that powers today’s global economy. That’s rgiht, clean energy technologies. If America apply for patents for these technologies, it could settle all the debt in this way right?

    What do you think?

  • Squall Leonhart

    I’ve lived in many countries and America is the only country where just about everything closes around 5 or 6pm. In UAE, Japan, Philippines, and some countries in Europe places of importance stay open a lost longer. Why?

  • Squall Leonhart

    I’m saying like why aren’t the people in America have a little bit of everything but the people in South America are mostly mixed. Is it because Americans are racist?