Fallout Shelter Gets Biggest Update Yet

Bethesda’s newest Fallout Shelter update will introduce several new gameplay elements to the mobile game, from a barbershop to new rooms and pets.

The biggest addition to Fallout Shelter will be an all-new crafting system that will allow players to “turn worthless junk into useful items.” In addition to the crafting system, Bethesda is adding new weapon and armor crafting rooms. You can use these rooms to craft your own items in the game.

fallout shelter update

Bethesda is also adding new outfits and weapons straight from Fallout 4. They can be found in Fallout Shelter’s lunchboxes now. Players will also be able to craft these items themselves. Lunchboxes will also now contain a bonus 5th card called junk that’s “more useful than it sounds.” There’s also quite a few pets to be had, from new dogs and cats, to parrots and other pet bonuses.

Fallout Shelter’s update will also look to fix the in-game clock, thus accurately presenting the time of day as you play. Lastly, there’s going to be an increase in the responsibility of the overseer by letting players build a barbershop and customize the look of any of their vault dwellers.

Fallout Shelter’s new additions will surely keep players engaged and Bethesda has confirmed that they will continue to support Fallout Shelter with “many more” updates in the future.

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