Fallout 4’s Far Harbor Expansion Drops Tomorrow, Latest Trailer Gives Us an Early Taste

Set to drop tomorrow, Bethesda has released a new “making of” video for Fallout 4’s next expansion, Far Harbor. Take a look at went into making the studio’s largest landmass expansion yet. 

Far Harbor’s narrative, as you probably know by now, involves traveling to the coast of Maine in search for a missing persons case that mysteriously comes through Nick Valentine’s Agency. During your journey is this new region, you’ll come across brand new enemies, factions, and gear.

Players can expect higher levels of radiation lingering on the coast as they battle against horrible sea creatures, synths, Children of Atom, and of course, the local townsfolk as well. As shown in the video, some of the new equipment found in Far Harbor includes improvised melee weapons, a hefty harpoon gun, lever-action rifles, and high-leveled combat armor that is sure to make you look and feel like a true wasteland badass.

Meet the Fog Crawler, a foe as menacing as the Deathclaw.
Meet the Fog Crawler, a foe as menacing as the Deathclaw.

Weapons and gear aside, there are dangers all throughout the landmass, including the Gulper, a mutated salamander, the Angler, a ferocious take on the Angler fish, and the Fog Crawler.

There’s more in store for players once Far Harbor drops tomorrow, May 19th, on all platforms. You can grab it as part of the Season Pass, or separately for $24.99.

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