Fallout 4 Themed Vehicles Coming to Forza Motorsport 6

Bethesda has teamed up with Turn 10 Studios to bring fans not one, but two Fallout 4 themed cars that will be available to play in the Xbox One exclusive racing sim, Forza Motorsport 6.

The two powerhouse studios announced their partnership yesterday via the Xbox website.

Fallout 4 Chryslus 69 Coupe

Starting November 10th, the release of Fallout 4, one of the two exclusive Fallout 4 themed cars for Forza 6 will be sent to players for their racing enjoyment. The first car that players will receive is a Fallout4 themed 1956 Ford F100. The stylish truck looks as if it was plucked right from the apocalyptic wasteland with its vibrant blue paint that is covered with rust, dirt, and grime.

And when styling a car from the famous Fallout series, you can’t forget the iconic Vault Boy logo, which is plastered across the doors of the truck. This ride wouldn’t be complete if fans weren’t aware that Vault-Tec created this car, with the infamous logo visible on the hood.

Fallout 4 1956 Ford F100 Front
Fallout 4 1956 Ford F100 Front

The studios also revealed that in the future, players will also have access to a more futuristic looking car — the smooth and sleek Chryslus Rocket 69 Coupe! However the site does mention that the coupe will only be available for a limited time. How limited? We can’t say for sure but if you are a Forza 6 and Fallout 4 fan, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for these two exclusive cars coming to your inventory soon!

Even Mr. Todd Howard commented on this gaming crossover stating, “Everyone asks us if you can drive the cars in Fallout 4, and now we can say yes – in Forza, our favorite racing game.” Seems like he is just as excited for this as the fans. What are your thoughts on Forza 6 receiving these awesome Fallout 4 themed race cars? Let me know in the comments below!

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