Facebook to Become Game Publisher

It has been revealed recently that just being a platform for games is not enough for Faebook, and so in addition to being a platform, the social media site plans to help publish and promote games.

Facebook has launched a pilot program named Mobile Games Publishing, which appears to be open to small or medium sized developers and already has gained Brainbow, Kiwi, Gameloft and Space Ape in their books.

Facebook’s mobile user base is home to 800 million users per month and therefore could potentially offer great benefits. The sire is also offering game targeting using their analytic tools to help with the growth of a game’s player base by finding people who seem like they would be interested in playing the game, and therefore might be willing to pay.

The fine print of the offer has not been revealed just yet. They will surely expect a certain part of revenue in exchange for promoting games, and will the site dictate what developers can and can’t do with their games, or even integrate adverts into the games? The fine details will most likely come to light within the next few months.

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