Face off Against Team Skull in Pokemon Sun and Moon


The Official Pokemon Channel has released a bunch of new information on Pokemon Sun and Moon today. Everything from new Pokemon and Alolan Forms to the crime syndicate the hero will face in the Alola region.

Firstly there are the new Pokemon showcased and new Alolan forms of old Kanto Pokemon. With these new Pokemon it’s interesting to see how much the team developing this generation have been influenced by the environment. In comparison to Kalos and gen 6 this iteration of Pokemon is really synergizing with the terrain/influence of Hawaii. Alolan forms are a great example, Alolan Raichu is on a cute lil’ surf board and Alolan Marowak is reminiscent of Hawaiian Fire Dancing. It’ll be exciting to see what the rest of this Gen has in store for new Pokemon!

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Also incredibly important in this trailer is the reveal of Team Skull and the main Antagonist of the game Guzma. Not much is known about the team’s motivation at this time, but based on the music and their general b-boy stances it’s safe to say they’ll got a hip-hop flavour – which I’m vibing on.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is seeing an international release on November 18th of this year and the Game Fanatics will tirelessly bring you all the info as soon as it hits the streets!

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