9 Extremely Unlikely VGA Headlines

  • strauss

    hate to break the news to you but metal gear Solid Rising has been confirmed to show up, everything else is good lol

  • Jasdeep Sahota

    Lol, MGS: Rising was confirmed about a week ago. The ‘unlikely’ part isn’t that the game shows up, it’s that Kojima makes the entire thing himself.

  • Motordom

    This is not a diss, Hideo Kojima is a cool guy but he always has a dumb look on his face, lol. Have you ever noticed this? He always stares dirctly at the camera with a plain face, and his eyes always look like hes high or focused, its funny, look. here are some pictures and hes always dong the same plain expression.

    Edit: To be more specific, take a look at the first pic in the link. He always does this pose LoL
    @ Conner, I didnt say he was ugly i just said he always does the same pose.

  • gail C

    please leave some links of interviews with MGS5

  • zigg3ns

    1.How it works?

    2.What games so far are known to have that feature?(besides of MGS HD Collection)

    3.I preordered the PSVita and i have the MGS HD Collection on PS3, will there be a psv version of it? if they gonna be one do i have to buy the psv version of the game?

    4th and final question: Will Hideo change that name, is kinda silly xD