Watch: Experience Sci-Fi Dysphoria In First Hour of Prey Gameplay Footage


Bethesda has just revealed extensive gameplay footage for their upcoming first person sci-fi adventure, Prey. Developed by Arkane Studios hot off the heels of Dishonored 2, Prey is looking to be another must play in a year of very exciting games.

Prey takes place aboard the space station Talos I, allowing you to explore as a male or female Morgan Yu. You will hunt and get hunted by a variety of alien lifeforms, the most basic of which can shift form into any object in the room before sneakily launching themselves to snack on your face. The game serves as a reboot of 2006’s Prey, although it doesn’t share much more than a setting a sci-fi horror feel and space station environment.

About the new Prey gameplay trailer

From the gameplay footage of Prey’s initial hour, it’s clear that the game shares a lot in common with games like Bioshock and System Shock, allowing you to approach the game how you like in the beautifully constructed first person environment. The platforming and overall feel of the visuals also feel happily reminiscent of Dishonored 2 but, you know, set in the cold emptiness of space and with murderous aliens instead of legions of rats and bloodflies.

The campaign is set to take around 16-20 hours, which is a healthy chunk for a first person shooter of this nature, so it will be exciting to see how Arkane keeps things fresh and interesting. Based on the first hour, though, they are definitely on the right track. The game will also feature needle-to-eyeball induced Neuromods, it’s own take on the RPG skill tree, that will allow you to buff your Scientist, Engineer, or Security traits, allowing for more depth and replayability off the bat.

Prey is due out on May 5th, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Will you be boarding the Talos I to defeat an onslaught of mimics? Let us know below!

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