Exclusive Map Coming To PSN Version Of Blacklight: Tango Down

Developer Ignition has called the exclusive level for the PSN version “Crossover”.

In this lever, the battleground sees “The Order” (bad guys) hijacking a train and loading it with explosives. It’s up to Blacklight (the good guys) to sabotage the tracks in order to save the train.

Oh yeah and trying not to blow yourself or the train completely up in the process either.

No sweat though, right? The PSN version of Blacklight will also include a new, previously announced “Join in Progress” feature.

Press Release

UTV IGNITION ENTERTAINMENT UNVEILS EXCLUSIVE MAP FOR BLACKLIGHT: TANGO DOWN, LAUNCHING OCTOBER 26 ON PLAYSTATION® NETWORKBrand New Map Rewards PSN Players with a 13th Action-Packed Environment for the Hit Title That Has Already Reached More Than a Million Gamers on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PC

Glendale, CA – October 21, 2010- Leading up to the release of Blacklight: Tango Down on PlayStation® Network, UTV Ignition Entertainment today announced the PSN-exclusive content that will launch with the game on October 26. Not only will fans enjoy a fully-updated version of the $15 shooter — which has generated more than a million downloads on Xbox LIVE® Arcade and PC– but they will also be rewarded with ‘Crossover,’ an all-new map that draws players into the financial district just as it turns into a warzone. Players enter the map just as The Order hijacks a commuter train, fills it with explosives and sends it careening into the heart of Balik. It is up to Blacklight to beat The Order at their own game by sabotaging the tracks and rescuing the train.

“The team wanted to show fans that the wait for Blacklight on PSN would be well worth it,” said Jared Gerritzen, Lead Designer at Zombie Studios. “Now with 13 maps and the brand-new Join in Progress feature, the $15 price tag never looked sweeter.”

The recipient of rave reviews throughout the summer – including Game Informer declaring it “stands apart from the pack,” Machinima branding it “an extremely solid first-person shooter at a bargain price,” and PC Gamer stating “it feels nothing like a budget shooter” – Blacklight: Tango Down is set to provide PSN gamers the same wild ride that XBLA and PC gamers have been on for months.

In Blacklight: Tango Down, players are equipped with high-tech, futuristic gear that makes combat fascinating and surreal. Its weapon customization system allows for trillions of different configurations that deliver unlimited adaptability and variety of gameplay. Each player is also equipped with a Hyper Reality Visor (HRV), an advanced imaging system in the player’s Heads-up Display that detects nearby enemy and friendly forces and relays the information back to players, giving them immediate battlefield intelligence. UTV Ignition Entertainment will also offer players a free tour of duty in the engaging Blacklight universe with a downloadable multiplayer demo that will be available on the PlayStation® Network alongside the title’s release.

To download brand-new assets for Blacklight: Tango Down, including an image from the PSN-exclusive map, please visit our ftp site via the log in below:


Blacklight: Tango Down is a fast-paced, action-oriented first-person shooter that marks the first release of what will be a multi-platform entertainment franchise. Beyond the video game, a Blacklight feature film from Twentieth Century Fox and comic book series are currently in development. Designed to bring a fun, absorbing, and high quality AAA multiplayer experience to DLG venues, the game exists in a future between contemporary and sci-fi shooters – part Blade Runner and part Call of Duty.

Developed by Zombie Studios, Blacklight: Tango Down takes place 25 years into the future. The player takes control of an elite covert ops team that is sent after missing American Colonel Klein and his personal Blacklight team. The game will feature four single player/co-op levels that support up to four players at once, 13 multiplayer maps, seven game types and literally millions of weapons customization combinations. As the team advances through regions that consist of old world architecture over laden with ubiquitous modern holographic advertising, the trigger based dynamic AI offers an intense and varied experience every time the game is played.

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