How Excited We Are For Overwatch, As Told by Anime GIfs


If you’re like everyone on The Game Fanatics team you’re probably pacing the floors waiting for Overwatch to be released next Tuesday – you’ve probably worn a path in the floor by now. Well to add a little salt to the wound, here are five reasons that you should be even more stoked to play, as told by our favourite anime girls in GIF form.

The first thing you’re probably doing is patiently waiting for the 24th of May.


After experiencing the open beta earlier this month excited fans – and even people just trying it out – were almost all universally struck by how the gameplay, characters and art touched their souls. Now what do you do? What else can you do other than wait? There is an Overwatch subreddit to help pass the time, but other than that? Pull a Ryūko Matoi and sit with your head in your hands blinking over and over.

Next, you’ll recall the beauty and polish of the game’s world, how the stylized art design of every map perfectly exemplified the games feel.


Like Kotobuki here you’re probably in awe, but don’t forget if you haven’t gotten a full fix of the world of Overwatch you can still see all the released character stories and animated shorts! Blizzard has released a few animations to sift through already, you can head to YouTube to check them out! You’ll be pining to play in Hanamura and King’s Row again.

Thirdly is dat co-op, son! Not since Team Fortress 2 has a game let you come together with a rag-tag group of misfits to fight and achieve a common goal against another rag-tag group of misfits. You band together and you look good doing it!


Overwatch allows you to pull on your strengths and help out your team. Maybe you’re the brainy one or the sporty one, maybe you’re the one who has a bad attitude all the time with out reason – I know that’s me. Overwatch has you covered. It’s not about total kills scored, it’s about helping to achieve victory and maybe doing it stylishly enough to win Play of the Game.

Fourth is that inevitable feeling of getting good. Like leveling up in an RPG and being able to stomp more enemies into dust, MOBAs teach a player to stomp out the other team with practice. The more you play, the more you die and the more you die the better you get! It’s a learning process. But the GIF associated with this fourth feeling is pure shock and fear.


Why you may ask? If you haven’t seen it there is a man in Korea who attained the level all players of Overwatch should strive to play at but few will ever achieve. Have you ever played a game where everyone thought it would be a great idea to play as Widowmaker? This guy has’em beat.

Lastly, Blizzard has come up with a great back story for the world of Overwatch it’s so fleshed out and intriguing; if it were a movie you’d definitely want see it. Fortunately for fans they get to experience Overwatch as part of the action. Each character is so endearing or memorable, there is definitely something for everyone here. So whether you like to play as: the tough cool guy, the adorable ice scientist or the overly aggressive fat guy! Head on over to the Overwatch Wiki and fall in love with one of the heroes or read up on their story, guaranteed you’ll be fan boy/girling pretty hard; you may even blow a gasket.


It’s less than a week until Overwatch hits stores and hopefully this as eaten up at least 2 minutes of your time, I’m glad I could help. Keep checking The Game Fanatics for all your Overwatch news and look forward to a comprehensive and very enthusiastic Overwatch review.

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