EVO 2017’s Games Will be Revealed on January 24

Yesterday afternoon Joey “Mr Wizard” Cuellar announced on Twitter that the Evo 2017 Announcement show will take place on January 24th. Everything that EVO 2017 has in-stock is going to be showcased at this event, and most-importantly we’re going to find out what games will be a part of the official line-up.


The event is going to be hosted by Mike Ross, the People’s Champ of Street Fighter and one of the co-hosts of Cross Counter TV.

Photo Credit: Gamespot. EVO 2017

This news is coming a couple days after Cuellar posted a poll on Twitter to decide which NetherRealm Studios’ game people would rather see at EVO 2017: Injustice 2 or Mortal Kombat XL. The poll was pretty close, but the winner was Injustice 2 with a 59% majority out of 2,717 votes. It looks like a sad day for Mortal Kombat because there is a high possibility it won’t be at EVO this year.

Get ready and get pumped. This EVO announcement show looks like it’s going to be a blast and we’ll finally know which games to get grinding on before the big tournament. Stay tuned here for more information on EVO 2017 and Injustice 2.

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