The Evil Within Extended Gameplay Gives Us a Look at Shinji's Survival-Horror Masterpiece

When it comes to The Evil Within, the main question on everyone’s mind is “Will Shinji Mikami deliver? Will this game really redefine survival horror?”

If you’ve watched the latest 12-minute gameplay video, then you’ll be able to come to your own conclusion, or at least agree with the general consensus of “YES, OMG THIS IS GONNA BE SO SCARY!”  The Evil Within looks to be one of the more terrifying games to hit the scene in 2014, and I’ve got to be honest with you…  

I cannot freaking wait!

In The Evil Within, you play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective who was called in with his partners to investigate a macabre mass murder.  Unfortunately to you (and Sebastian’s) dismay, everything goes awry when you witness the murder of your partners, get knocked unconscious, and become an involuntary prisoner in this dark, unknown purgatory full of unimaginable evil.  From this point on, you’re left alone to fight for survival and uncover the mystery behind The Evil Within.  Check out the extended gameplay video below:

In the extended gameplay video, you watch Sebastian sneak, fight, and force his way through the asylum as he encounters ghastly creatures that lurk among the dead.  Making his way through mazes of bloody, rotting corpses, and running from inexplicable enemies, Sebastian picks up items along the way that’ll help him on his journey and uses special weapons (like mine traps) to aid in high-tension, close encounter situations.

While the eerie environments, horrifying enemies, and all-around scary feeling are enough to give me the chills, I’m more concerned with what that giant spider-like entity towards the end of the video is!  Emerging from blood puddles on the floor, this enemy is sure to be the most questionable that I’ve seen thus far in the game.  If you remember from the original teaser this “thing” made a special appearance, again emerging from blood, which instilled my initial fear and excitement towards The Evil Within. Now that we are seeing actual gameplay, I can’t even explain how intimidating that 8-legged human-spider hybrid appears to be!

The Evil Within will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, and PS4 in 2014.

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