Everywhere is the New Project from GTA Veteran Leslie Benzies


Everywhere is the new open-world game from ex-GTA producer Leslie Benzies and comes to revitalize the genre.

You may remember Leslie Benzies for his never-ending dispute with Rockstar Games. An argument over some unpaid royalties that is far from reaching a conclusion (or so it seems). However, you may want to follow what he and other ex-Rockstar North leads are doing. Benzies, along with former Audio Director Matthew Smith and former Lead Programmer Colin Entwistle, are making their own game.

It goes by the name of Everywhere and, as the title indicates, it’s an open-world experience. It’s being developed on the Amazon Lumberyard engine and the specifics are under wraps as of now. However, Benzies has confirmed already that it will add more layers of freedom to the formula he already mastered.

“If we do this right,” he said, “we’re going to give players the chance to really live out their fantasies, not just the limited fantasies that most games set up for them, and do so in a deeply immersive way.”


Everything on Everywhere

Benzies and his team had already an idea in mind that started developing during the second half of last year. At the moment, they are working with two main studios: one in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the other one in Los Angeles. And from their recent interview with Polygon, it’s obvious that they are aiming high with that idea. “While it’ll have many established gaming elements, we’re also including features that games haven’t touched on yet,” confirmed the ex-GTA producer.

The experience trio has also warned us. In no way is Everywhere touching or drinking the GTA vibe. Yes, there will be satire but the tone will be somehow different – players may even be in control about how that tone is set. “To a degree, more like a social network.” said Smith. While the pillars of Everywhere seem to be there already, they are still prototyping new ideas every new day. So there may be some few surprises coming along that route. Or a brand new title.

All in all, this announcement got our attention already so we’ll make sure at the Game Fanatics to cover everything that comes out for you. Stay tuned!

[Source: Polygon]

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