Meet Ever Oasis: Nintendo’s New 3DS RPG | E3 2016

Ever Oasis

Nintendo’s newest portable title Ever Oasis on the 3DS was revealed at E3 this week. From the game-play footage and hype surrounding it this RPG may be an interesting and fun experience for those looking to take their adventure on the go.

The 3DS has had some great and memorable fantasy RPGs cross its path. Fantasy Life, developed by Level-5 and 1-up Studio, was a wonderful look into how engaging the genre could be in a hand-held capacity. However, fans of the series were a little disappointed to find the next Fantasy Life iteration would not look like it’s predecessor; enter Ever Oasis.


The art style in Ever Oasis is ridiculously cute! You play as a hero in a land of “vast deserts” that in inhospitable and harsh for those in it. The game seems to focus on creating a place to live out of an Oasis, building a community for yourself and other characters. You can explore the desert and dungeons in order to quench that thirst for exploration, using powers you gain to help unlock and solve puzzles throughout the world. Players can also switch between allies during combat and while venturing out in the desert in order to strategize and tackle monsters.

Ever Oasis

The game is being worked on by Koichi Ishii who has brought us other great games in his work with Square Enix and his new company Grezzo is developing Ever Oasis. There is no set release date as of yet for the game but it is slated for a 2017. Hold on to that sense of adventure, before you know it you’ll be traversing strange and sandy lands!

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