Epic wants Gears of War on PS3?!?

Remember in 2007 when Michael Pachter said that Mass Effect AND Gears of war would go to the PS3. GUESS WHAT!  MASS EFFECT WENT TO THE PS3… but you already knew that. What you may not know is that Epic President Mike Capps said while speaking at GDC that, “We would love to ship Gears of War on the PlayStation 3, but Microsoft has really compelling reasons to partner with Microsoft.”

Xbox 360 fans can breathe a little easier knowing that Gears of War will remain an Xbox 360 exclusive for the time being, but Capps was clear that Epic does own the Gears of War IP and they would like to bring the trilogy to the PlayStation 3 to get Resistance and Killzone players into Gears.

Capps said it is possible that Gears could come to the PlayStation 3 in the future because they own the franchise in the IP, but he apparently did not say anything beyond that. Xbox 360 fans will continue to hope that Microsoft continues to offer Epic compelling reasons to partner with them, as Gears of War has been one of the strongest exclusive franchises for the platform. =

Mind you, if this was to happen, Sony would pretty much rule all.  That being said, expect Micky (Microsoft) to step up to the plate hard. They’re not about to lose this exclusive.

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