Mercenary Ops, a New Third-Person PC Shooter, Announced

  • Crowned.Sorcerer

    this Gaming News sucks…

  • Marcia Hester

    Following my career as a navy diver I strategy on turning into a mercenary. Is there a likelihood for a navy diver to become a mercenary? I Am female so seals is out of the question. Ought To I be a part of another particular ops group to greater my likelihood of turning out to be a mercenary?
    navycrab- indeed on the pmc… I did appeared into eod but I uncover ND more appealing. Thanks for your time and answer, Unwell preserve this in head when I sigh up in a handful of months.

  • Monique Spalding

    Does the standard have to see an wonderful discipline report or what in fact does transpire and I heard if you join Speacial ops and retire the federal government can retain the services of you again as a mercenary

  • Elinor Sturgell

    I can connect to the online attribute ,(having to use the produce a new profile then log in with that then log out then use the right profile 2 get in. once in I cant connect to anything besides combat training, i pick like totally free for all or staff dying match and it states checking 50 matches for top quality or something like that, then the amount gradually goes down and after about 3 minutes it states error no matches found make sure you try your search again. am I the only 1 on wii multiplayer :O ?? I go through a router and by means of a satellite ( netkaster through northwest tel) I can play other game titles on the comp with it like battle arms ETC) so any assist here or am I stuck practising lol. thanks for any help 😀

  • Tia Zuehlke

    …CIA iraqi agents ?

  • Ryan Z

    Team Deathmatch,Mercenary,Ffa,Domination,Ground war, or Demoliton.

  • SKATEskum

    I’ve been playing Black Ops since it came out and I was wondering if anyone would like to play with me as it’s almost impossible to play ground war without running into a team, not to mention playing mercenary deathmatch gets boring. I don’t have a mic, but I’m just looking for people to play with regularly.

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Since so many Gay men want to join the Military, why can’t they join the Mercenaries that the Pentagon uses as Combat Forces.

    Last I checked the Black Ops Mercenaries don’t have any Sexual issues like women can’t kill people or if your Gay you can’t kill people.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet

    i want a 4 player multiplayer and campaign and i want a radar. and silencers on our lancers or red laser pointers. what about radars. and i thought of a great idea. what about customizing our gears? like coloring them black instead of blue or gray?

    the point is, will they listen?

  • Nick

    Hi, so I signed up for the forums and I just wish to know how to post. I DID look for a more than reasonable amount of time. Thanks for your help.

  • JackReynolds

    is it true or rumor if not then how can I play gears of war 3 on pc,..plzz..suggest.

  • Salam

    what type of degree do i need if i want to work for epic games? (i either would like to be a game designer or a graphic designer)
    wow spammers..

  • simply complicated

    I would love to learn how to use those kind of things. I don’t know how complexed it is but I do have some experience in the area. Thanks for all the help.

  • mavis24

    i just have so many awesome head shots!!!! but i don’t have a capture card for i could dhow my friends how awesome they were so cant they put it like halo

  • Jason

    Because the Youtube videos looks a lot less gory then the original Gears of War. Sure there are more ways to kill people but the game in general looks much less gory then the first Gears of war which concerns me. Haha.

    Does anyone know if its just the quality of the vids on Youtube or if the game is really less messy then the first. I would like to know before I preorder it. Thanks.

  • jag43216

    im really hoping it will be as good as the last games. what are your opinions on the games and do you think sly 4 will be good?

  • Peter

    He says that they can
    – Make great games
    – Their games have really good graphics
    – Unique, original storylines
    – They make millions of dollars each year

    He also told me if I wanted to publish a game, he says go to Epic Games.

    Is he right?

  • Bryan J

    Just write a list of them all because Gears of War 3 has special unlockables if you’ve played other Epic Games so if you could write a list of them all. Any platform would do thanks. 🙂

    10 Points for having all of them!

  • Erin

    Hi! My husband really wants Star Wars Epic Duels but we don’t shop on e-bay and Board Game Geek has them for like $50 and we can’t afford that. Has any of the game companies made the same game out of any other movies that have come out recently like Harry Potter or Transformers or anything like that? Thanks.

  • sam N

    Do you know any games with weapons like Soulcalibur or ever better?