Enter the Gungeon Once Again With the Free Supply Drop Update

Dodge Roll Games has just dropped a new supply of free DLC for their hit game Enter the Gungeon, adding in new guns, enemies, and more.

Enter the Gungeon‘s “Supply Drop Update” will add around 200 new room types to spice up the adventures of long-time players, and there will be plenty of new enemies and bosses to shoot up as well. One of these new bosses, the Mine Flayer, is a fun reference to the Mind Flayer of Demon Souls and can be encountered on the third floor of the Gungeon.

Of course, players will most likely be most excited for the new weapons that will be included in the update. For starters, there is the Bullet Gun, which is a gun shaped like a bullet…that shoots guns…that shoot bullets. Devolver Digital, the publisher, also got a nod with the Devolver, which has a chance of causing enemies to, well, devolve. It sounds like players will be having a lot of wacky fun!

In addition, there are plenty of new quality of life improvements such as bug fixes and item balancing. Players will now be able to save and quit out of their games after each floor as well as meet a new NPC and a new companion. Also, players can run through the new Challenge Mode, which adds deadly modifiers to each room to bump up the difficulty.

Unfortunately for PS4 players, the update is currently only available on PC for now. Luckily, Dodge Roll Games is going to have the new update for you all next week. This also will not be the last update, as the developers plan on releasing a full expansion for PC and PS4 late 2017/early 2018.

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