The Elder Scrolls Online Remains Scheduled for a Future Console Release

When was the last time we heard anything on The Elder Scrolls Online

It seems as though the hype behind the game has died down quite a bit since its initial release on PC back in April, but Bethesda has noted that despite the lack of information, the game will be arriving to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the near future.

Originally scheduled to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in June of this year, Bethesda addressed fans back in May noting that the console version of the game would unfortunately be delayed due to development constraints and complications. Adding to this, developer Zenimax Online Studios then announced that players who purchased The Elder Scrolls Online for PC before the end of June 2014 would have the opportunity to transfer their characters from Windows or Mac to either console platform and receive a free 30-day subscription.

Even with that, it’s been months since any information on the console version of the game has been released, though in the latest update on the game’s official site, Bethesda noted that while the studios are hard at work in bringing new features to the PC version, “…we will [still] be bringing ESO to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” 

“[The console versions] are playable and fun right now, but there’s still some work to do before we can set an official launch date. First and foremost, we want to make sure that two of our most important systems still in development – the Justice and Champion Systems – are included in the console release. Those two systems will introduce a huge amount of content to the game, and we know everyone is looking forward to the new types of gameplay they provide.”

Sneaky Argonians will always be sneaky.
Sneaky Argonians will always be sneaky.

The publisher continued with their address stating that “…the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of ESO are not just ports of the PC/Mac game. We have completely replaced the PC user interface with a console-specific UI designed from the ground-up with a controller and a living room play experience in mind. We’ve also added voice chat and full integration with XBL and PSN.”

Bethesda promised that there’d be more news about the console versions of the games come early 2015, so we’re hoping a release date is on the way. Despite the mixed reviews for the PC version of the game, there’s still hope that The Elder Scrolls Online could be one of 2015’s best titles.

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