Eidos Websites Hacked

This morning, Square Enix admitted that EidosMontreal.com and two product websites, including the new Deus Ex game, were hacked into and defaced. No credit card information or product code were stolen, though the servers the group of hackers hit had submitted resumes from potential employees. The official statement claims that up to 350 resumes were accessed; individuals will be contact by Square Enix about this.

In addition, it has been confirmed that nearly 25,000 email addresses were obtained. The email addresses were only used for mailing lists and no personally identifiable information was linked to them.

None of the websites held credit card information and nothing has been found to suggest that any other information has been accessed.

KrebsOnSecurity.com, which recovered an image of the defacement of DeusEx.com, reports that the hackers responsible were attempting to download 9,000 resumes and information on more than 80,000 Deus Ex users.

Deus Ex Website Defacement

The hackers responsible have been linked to Anonymous in the past, though this group seized control of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels that were previously used by Anonymous. A United Kingdom hacker who goes by “Ryan” and “Blackhatcat” was responsible for these takeovers.

There’s a lot more to this Internet-drama in the KrebsOnSecurity story. So head over there if you’re interested!

Personally, I’m sick of these hackers doing what they want and thinking they’re justified.


[Sources: Square Enix official statement – Eidos Forums, Anonymous Splinter Group Implicated in Game Company Hack – KrebsOnSecurity]

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