EA Play Press Conference Review | E3 2016

EA took the stage for their EA Play press conference earlier today and delivered much anticipated information on their upcoming games. Unfortunately, for all of the games they showed, not enough attention was given to the presentation. From the handful of games that were shown, not much of the game was actually shown. Titanfall 2 had a substantial reveal with a deeper look at its newly announced single player portion but no live gameplay. Mass Effect Andromeda looked great but footage was sparse and again, no live gameplay. Sandwiched in between these half-baked reveals was the EA sports section which quite frankly should just get its own dedicated presser.

There was an impressive reveal of EA’s diverse, multi-studio focus on Star Wars. From Respawn Entertainment to Amy Henning’s long anticipated Star Wars project with Visceral Games, the new generation of Star Wars is here and it’s not going anywhere. The wide breadth of games being developed for Star Wars seems intriguing enough and we even got to catch a short glimpse of VR being a part of this focus as well. EA also introduced EA Originals and their debut game Fe, a cutesy platformer that seems to follow in the steps of Unravel and EA’s attempt to capture the mindshare of the indie scene. It looked incredible and awfully similar to Ori and the Blind Forest but it seems to be tackling interesting mechanics having to do with songs and sound.

Closing the show was Battlefield 1 in a pretty underwhelming trailer but the look of the game cannot be understated, it looks absolutely amazing. Their conference was followed by a live stream 64-player match between celebrities and other players so if you’re into watching Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx battle other players then you may be in for a treat.

battlefield 1

Overall, the conference had the key games to wow and impress but the minuscule amount of actual footage killed the hype and ultimately sunk the conference. We’re still looking forward to Mass Effect Andromeda, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 but we just hoped for a better conference from EA.


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