EA Opens Up New DICE Studio in Los Angeles

DICE LA is open for business. With the closing of Lucas Arts just occurring a few weeks ago, Walt Disney has enlisted EA to create a new series of Star Wars games. Now in need of more talent for these games as work begins, EA has opened up a new DICE studio in Los Angeles where the pool of talent seems endless. There is of course some huge competition in the Los Angeles that EA is hoping to recruit including those from Activision Blizzard, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward.

After recently cutting about 900 of its 9,000 employees, General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson said he would love to add 60 new staff members by the end of 2013, hoping to expand its talent and achieve more success as they have with the Battlefield franchise. It is no surprise DICE expects rival talent to flock to it due to the attraction of new Star Wars games. DICE is hoping to create some original Star Wars games as well as building off the success of some of the classics.

A great side note is that the new studio has opened with some of the talent from the Medal of Honor series. EA‘s work environment is one to be commended due to their Nordic work environment with decisions being made by a consensus and long parental leaves for employees to care for their children.

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