Ghost Studios Opens Up For Electronic Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg contains the second of Sweden’s largest populations. It now also contains Electronic Arts’ newest development house, Ghost Studios.

Sweden contains a great amount of talented developers. EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE), for example, stands out in particular. Logically, it’s an ideal spot for Electronic Arts to establish their new studio. This allows them to choose from a large pool of up and coming industry designers and developers in the area. In addition, it can allow them to attract some established talent already in the gaming industry.

The goal of Ghost Studios is to create a world-class team of developers and an exceptional working environment. Although the term Ghost has a start-up feel to it, they have the opportunity to work with Criterion and the previously mentioned DICE. This gives them the tools and support to execute our creative and technical visions.

Ghost Studios is currently still looking to fill their vacancies and form a talented team of developers. To get a better feel of Ghost’s work environment and information check out their website.

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