EA Announces Battlefield 4, Eyes Fall 2013 Release

Remember last spring when EA promoted Medal of Honor Warfighter pre-orders to include beta access for the next Battlefield game?

After seeing this 17 minute gameplay video for Battlefield 4, perhaps you may look back on EA’s FPS misstep and conjure the slightest feeling of regret.

This larger-than-normal reveal came today at San Francisco’s annual Games Developer Conference and in Stockholm, the origin of developer DICE and the franchise’s Frostbite engine.

Frostbite 3 engine, and after seeing Unreal Engine 4 in action at PAX with Daylight, we’re getting a better sense of what the next generation of gaming will present in real-time gampleay.

Check out the Battlefield 4 demo below:

Other than that shiny coat of paint, EA has hinted at changing the single player experience to reflect some of the multiplayer aspects we’ve seen in other Battlefield games. Campaign environments will be much larger-scale than Battlefield 3 and will provide more open-ended access to vehicles. Additionally new to the single player experience, players will be able to assign squad-mates with various movement and combat-based actions. Cooperative gameplay was not announced.

Battlefield website features a preorder option for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3; EA has not confirmed the game’s next-gen availability. All Gamestop preorders will include a free expansion – the details of which are not known.

Currently, the only multiplayer beta opportunity will come by way of preordering a Digital Deluxe, or special edition version of the game exclusively through Origin; this retails for $69.99

EA plans to release Battlefield 4 this fall, marking just a two-year period between the last installment.

TheGameFanatics want to know what you think of Battlefield 4. Is this what you expected from the next Frostbite engine? Who’s ready to save up for a graphics card upgrade?

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