E3 2013 | Why We Should Love The Division

Not many details are known about The Division, but those that are, are the important ones. We know that the game is a persistent MMO world. We know like more MMOs, this game has heavy RPG elements. Players will be finding new items, equipment, and skills throughout their in game experience. We know that UNlike most MMOs (though The Division is not totally unique in this aspect) The Division is a real time 3rd person shooter.


The demo that I received was heavily focused on the synchronized cross-platform play. The drones that were seen in the original release are indeed other players utilizing tablets to participate in the same world as everyone else. Confirmed to work with both Android and iOS tablets, this looked like a really interesting addition to what is otherwise pretty standard. Awesome standard, but not much we –haven’t- seen before. Everyone who has played a shooter understands 3rd person shooting. Everyone that has played an MMO will understand how quests, loot, and skills work. The tablet inclusion is something genuinely unique and interesting.


And it’s more than just an innovative concept. The tablet players seemed to be able to possess a significant amount of combat presence. Obvious contribution aside (like blowing up whole platoons of guys with a missile that I assume will have some drastic limitations on its use, due to how strong it was), the drone was able to highlight enemies so that the actual combatants were able to see them through walls (as long as the drone retained vision) in addition to its standard scouting uses.

The Division combines what looks like solid 3rd person shooting, with solid MMO mechanics, and adds in innovative cross platform play. Seriously, what’s not to like?

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