E3 | Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets Official in Nintendo's Presentation

  • n00bnoob00


  • Alejandra Fleishman

    They are ruining games that don’t belong to them:Dungeion siege 3,Thief4 they turn entire franchies upside down and “japanize” it with every ascpect of an american game being japaneas WTF!And all of their rpgs arent real rpgs just streamlind adventure games (Final Fantasy) please square enix:quit makeing video games!Does anyone agree?

  • Victoria T

    I don’t really want to buy a 3DS, it’s not my type of gaming console. I’m more a Playstation/Xbox kind of person. But, it’s been said that this game will be a direct lead-in to Kingdom Hearts 3, so I really would like to play it. I’m just so dissapointed it couldn’t have been released on the Playstation 3.

  • Patrick

    I’m scared to buy an extra pair of 3d glasses for my family because they’re so expensive.. Can anyone tell me how much passive 3d glasses cost and how many the TV comes with?

  • Scorch Delta-62

    I’m confused on how to draw the 3D structures of molecules. How are you supposed to know when to draw the dashes and wedges? Some molecules will have the and some will have both or only one. I feel like my book didn’t give an explanation about this at all but just expected me to know it from the start.

    Thank you.

  • Stevalicious

    If I put red and blue dots to create a 3D effect on a mirror, and looked into it with 3D glasses, would the appearance of myself and others appear 3D as well? If not, what could I put onto a mirror to make it’s image 3D?

  • Courtney

    I’ve just got a 3d tv and i wanted to watch a movie which is meant for 3d but something that a 12 year old girl would like. It can be an animation and if it is an animation it doesn’t have to be for 3d.

  • Victoria T

    OK, I really want final fantasy xiii edition items that are up on the square enix website. The website says that they sell the items, but there is no “purchase” button to click on. I’ve looked all around and there is no purchase method that I can find!!!!!!! Can somebody tell me how to purchase these things?!

  • Jack Bauer

    I just watched My Bloody Valentine 3d with the typical green and red 3d glasses. It didn’t look so good ( which I expected) and I wanted to know if there are any better 3d glasses to use for these movies so that you can enjoy them. I went to imax and the 3d movie there looked nicer, I am not sure if it was the 3d glasses or just the over all quality of the movie and the glasses put together. Thanks!

  • Phillip123

    The usual explanation for our 3d vision is that, having 2 eyes, the crossed result of their slightly different vision creates the 3d effect. However, if I close one eye, I don’t experience any sudden flattening of my vision; nor I think that one-eyed people have problems perceiving depth, do they? So, what’s the REAL mechanism behind 3d vision?

  • Elijah luv

    I don’t see any english version of Birth by Sleep now. I have only seen the japanese version one. Has Square Enix released English version of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

  • Nick

    I am making an independent film and will need to place/paste some 3d characters I have made with Autodesk Maya into the live action scenes. I have created the 3d characters with Maya & Motionbuilder and will be using Adobe for all the video editing. What programs can I use to place the 3d characters into live action film? Can After Effect do that? Also any websites or articles with info about this procedure. Thanks for help.

  • Marlon P

    There is a lot of hype today about TV’s & Projectors that claim to give cinema quality 3D pictures. How true is this? Will watching it on Tv will be as good as watching a 3D movie in a cinema?

  • sakyue1993

    We *had* a non-3D LCD TV that died on us under warranty and, of course, the model is no longer made, so we were given a 3D LED TV as a replacement.

    Eager to try out the new 3D now available, we’re trying to figure out which movie would be best to start with. We’ve all already seen Avatar in 2D twice, so we don’t want to watch it again just for the sake of seeing it in 3D.

    Any other suggestions?


  • isk8at818

    Using blender to create a 3d object and after effects for motion tracking, how could I combine the two? Is there any way to export 3d objects to After Effects from Blender? Do I need to bring the movie into blender, and if so is there any way of motion tracking? Say, for example, I have a scene of a table and the camera tracks around it. I create a 3d mug in blender. What next if I want to put the mug on the table in the scene?

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    I have a presentation tomorrow on the Roman Soldier, and I have everything except a 3D object that I made. It has to be made within a few hours, and I need to make it as nice and quick as possible. I just don’t know what to make it on, and I don’t have all the resources ready because I didn’t have enough time. Just typical household items. Help me out please?