E3 2019 – Press Conference Predictions, No Tea No Shade [TGF x E3]

TGF is gearing up for our 9th year attending and covering E3. Every year we work hard to seek out and share the stories that connect with us, and bring our “fanatical approach” to the show; E3 2019 is no different! This year we decided to ask the experts, OUR experts; none other than your very own Game Fanatics. Our team is giving you their personal E3 2019 press conference predictions – some lofty, others with a little more…shade.


Microsoft likes to do it big and it’s expected to see them flex some new IPs from the studios they acquired last year. Our Founder, Charles Powers, speaks for us all when he says,

“All we care about are games, and they said they’ll be showing…what…14 first party ones? Hype.”

Charles Powers, Founder and CEO of The Game Fanatics.

After Ninja Theory’s Award Winning title, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, LoadLastCheckpoint and BlackKrystel are both holding out for a new Ninja Theory IP to be revealed this year with either some gameplay or a release window.

Now, with Sony out of the picture for press conferences this year, there is some speculation whether Microsoft will use this opportunity to tease their next gen console or not. Our team member Slam Zany went go big or go home with his prediction saying, “I expect to see new Xbox hardware and a release window for the new consoles.” Now, this is lofty thinking but we are sure to see Microsoft flaunt their Streaming Games Service as they try to outshine Google Stadia, and maybe talk more about the Sony x Microsoft Cloud and AI partnership.

For game titles, TGF is banking on Cyberpunk 2077 being a huge focus. We think it’s very likely to see more on Session the skateboarding game that gave us so much nostalgia from the classic Tony Hawk and Skate games. BlackKrystel predicts, “Microsoft will give us what we’ve been waiting for, a Gears multiplayer and Horde Mode reveal trailer!” TGF predicts that any Halo Infinite Gameplay will be the climax of the conference. While King Julian, our Microsoft Master, is excited for Halo, He’s “still waiting to hear from the new Fable and Perfect Dark games.”


The Nintendo Direct hardly ever falls short with announcements. Our Nintendo Insider, O’dell, says,

”Since the Animal Crossing tease in the last Direct, Nintendo’s been pretty quite, so I’m sure it will be the main focus this time.”

Because there is a Pokemon Direct, we think Odell’s prediction will hold up; TGF predicts a full trailer reveal for Animal Crossing and maybe a closer look behind closed doors.

We think it’s very likely Nintendo will address the rumored new switch model. TGF speculates Nintendo will drop not one, but two models. The “Switch LITE” much like the 2DS will be aimed for a younger audience, with fixed joycons and maybe even without a game port. For the “Switch Pro”, O’dell is convinced they’ll announce a 4k Switch. Now, what we’ll most likely see is a 1080p Switch, with increased screen size and internal storage with better, more sturdier, joycons.

Super Mario Maker 2 and Link’s Awakening Remaster are sure to be touched on, but what everyone at TGF is really holding out for is, Super Smash Bros.. With the Smash Bros competitive scene going strong and Nintendo finally starting to listen to the community, we can expect a Challenger Pack 2 reveal, and our team members have so many ideas as to who the next fighter will be. Darth Rahu and Charles Powers are speculating Nintendo will explore more of their third party IPs and feature characters from Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts or even Viewtiful Joe. While BlackKrystel agrees with the third party picks, she would like to see more FGC characters, (of course) from Ninja Gaiden or even Soulcalibur, “to make Ryu and Ken not feel so out of place.”

Now, our team has some high hopes for Nintendo at E3 and their dreams include a Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, and a new IP. While those seem rather unlikely, there’s still some hope for some reboots, maybe a little Fire Emblem (again), some port announcements like Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, and Dragon Quest, or even an expansion of the Nintendo Classic Games Library to include SNES, N64, and Gamecube. If Nintendo did that, they just might win E3.


With Rainbow 6 tabled until next gen consoles and Assassin’s Creed absent for the year, we’re not sure what to expect from Ubisoft but, if any publisher could surprise us, it’s certainly them. Even though the Assassin’s Creed team is taking off this year, Ewcvis is convinced that we’ll still see their presence with a AC: Vikings teaser trailer and TGF suspects that Watch Dogs 3: London will take center stage this year in Assassin’s Creed’s place alongside some well awaited Division 2 DLC.

Although, Beyond Good and Evil 2 isn’t’ officially going to be there, we all will find it surprising if we don’t see a gameplay reveal and a release date this year. What TGF really has their eyes peeled for is, Tom Clancy! While a new Ghost Recon is confirmed, our team has their sights set on another title,

“Splinter Cell…….Please!”

King Julian

“By god! if I get a Splinter Cell game too I don’t know what I’d do with myself.” -Charles Powers

Charles Powers

Now is about as good as time as any for a For Honor 2 tease but BenReacts is right when he says “Ubisoft will most likely announce another game title in development that uses a Nintendo IP.” All in all, Ubisoft’s conference won’t be dead at least with 2 unannounced, new titles and we can always rely on Ubisoft to try and “spice it up” with a musical performance or guest appearance to make sure we stay awake for it all.


Anthem is the elephant in the room and TGF won’t be silent about it. To say Anthem was a major let down is an understatement. Bioware needs to address this head on or we might have a full-on riot. Charles goes off when asked about Anthem,

”I mean, what a letdown of an IP – and a hard RIP to Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Ya’ll skimped on those for Anthem?! FOR ANTHEM?!”

Charles Powers

We all share the same rage with our boy Charles but TGF is always looking for solutions. TGF stands with Deja when she says, “If Bioware is smart, they should announce a rework or an additional storyline update/event.”

But the demands don’t stop there,“ a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster!” -TheLastCheckpoint and “Fix Anthem for us or give us Dragon Age 4!!” BlackKrystel says as she and the rest of the team plead to get something, anything, more on from Bioware at EA conference. While a Titanfall 3 announcement would make a lot of people happy, and lord knows EA needs it, the main focus of the EA E3 2019 Press Conference will be Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order with a full gameplay reveal and multiplayer tease.   


TGF predicts that Wolfenstein will get some time in the limelight just as Fallout 76 will try to make a comeback at the Bethesda E3 2019 press conference with an update announcement. While some major DLC could save a community from the brink of death, Darth Rahu foresees Bethesda falling short with their “weak attempts to support Fallout 76.”

We can’t forget about Elder Scrolls! You can see some of TGF is still jaded from last year’s conference with predictions this year like, Bethesda will showcase “A new IP that is shown with more than just a logo” -BenReacts. We all know Bethesda likes to hold onto their cards, so it might be a while before we get anything more than a logo for Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell.

However, the much anticipated Doom Eternal, TGF believes, will be the the highlight of the conference.

“Doom Eternal is going to steal the Bethesda show.”


That is, unless, Bethesda throws out a wild card and announces a secret new IP in the works; which could potentially break the internet.

Square Enix

Square Enix has come out and said they are confident with their 2019 lineup. Now TGF thinks they’re hinting towards their new IP Outriders, which is very likely, and it’s quite possible that Square might even flex with a next-gen Final Fantasy 16 tease. TGF is expecting to see stuff on Dying Light 2 and more on Babylon’s Fall; PlatinumGames has been very tight-lipped about the title since last year’s E3, so it’s about time to learn a little more about the project. But of the most anticipated announcements for E3 2019’s press conferences has got to be the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and TGF is sure this E3 is the year.

Nomuna promised us Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC and TGF believes that E3 2019 is the perfect opportunity to do it. During the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Tour performance, we suspect they will tease the DLC like they’ve often done with KH3, and during the Square Enix press conference they’ll give us a closer look. It should be obvious that any further details on the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC is the only thing on BlackKrystel mind for the Square Enix E3 2019 press conference other than the Crystal Dynamics, Avengers title that everyone at TGF is extra curious about. The Avengers Project, we predict, will be the primary focus of this year’s conference and TGF is thinking Square Enix will do it big by giving us a gameplay reveal, even if it is behind closed doors. BenReacts predicts,

”The Square Enix press conference will open or close with the Avengers game and it’s for this year.”


Now that’s one way to show up!

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show is on their 4th year and it’s only growing larger each year. For E3 2019, their presenting sponsor is the Epic Games Store, so it might actually be lit this time around! Epic says they will reveal brand new material for several games, including some exclusives. Once our Borderlands fanatic SnowWhite, heard the word “exclusive” the predictions came in strong, “I’m here for anything Borderlands related from Epic; like a story trailer or maybe they’ll have it playable on the show floor.”

More than 20 different developers are slated to make announcements and trailer debuts so the possibilities are endless. TGF has quite a few speculations for announcements out of the sponsors for the E3 2019 PC Gaming Show. Frontier could announce an add on for last years headliner, Jurassic World: Evolution, or even tease something new in development. Funcom could potentially come out with some Conan DLC, Tripwire Interactive, who brought us Man Eater at E3 last year, could announce something new and Rebellion the studio behind Sniper Elite, has been quiet for a while so, we could see a tease of something in the works. Now, from Perfect World Games, BlackKrystel has her eyes on EchtraGames when she says,

“We’re still waiting on a release date for Torchlight Frontiers and the final character class; it’s supposed to be another female!”


TGF backs BK with the release date prediction and even think Perfect World Games might go so far as giving us some gameplay for Torchlight Frontiers.

Our Indy Game Insider, Darth Rahu, is clamoring at the dev announcements from studios such as: Chucklefish (Starbound and Stardew Valley), Raw Fury (Dandara), Re-Logic (Terraria), Fatshark (Warhammer Vermintide) and Digital Extremes (Warframe). With all these indy devs and Epic Games involved in the PC Gaming Show there’s no telling what we might see so, here’s to the PC Gaming Show being a spectacle this year, and not the bad kind.


PlayStation Experience

For the first time in the show’s 24-year history, Sony will not have a presence at E3 2019. The first time in the convention’s history Sony will forgo it’s announce held press conference, nor will it have a booth on the show floor.

TGF believes the presence of Sony is unlikely, as they’ve already come out and said they are passing up the opportunity to more it’s E3 presence offsite, and has yet to announce when the next Playstation Experience will be. “I don’t expect anything from Sony, I feel they will keep to their word and not be around E3.” says LootBoxLogan and “Yet, maybe they will announce a surprise State of Play to be held shortly after e3 to remind players of their big AAA titles soon to come.”

With Sony gone, it’s absence won’t go unnoticed as major developers like Kojima Productions, Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games will be nonexistent. E3 2019 will miss out entirely on Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions and Control by 505 Games. Although our community manager Ro-Ro is excited to hear more about Sony Interactive’s PlayStation Productions, a new film and TV division that produces movies and series based on games, she’s gonna have to hold on a little longer to get any more information.

The best E3 2019 prediction from the TGF has to be O’dell’s with his lofty claim about Sony’s absence at the convention,

“They are actually attending the show. It was all a ruse.”


If our boy O’dell is correct, then we’ll definitely see a PS5 announcement, but not all dreams come true.

All in All

With Sony absent and it being the second year open to the public, this year has some huge shoes to fill. Many people think that the golden age for E3 is coming to an end, but here at the TGF we’re holding out strong and hope E3 2019 will be our most memorable yet.

Follow our socials for all E3 2019 coverage from our ground team! #TGFxE3

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