E3 2014 | SteelSeries Unleashes the Stratus XL, A Full-Sized Grown Up iOS Controller

Mobile gaming can sometimes be a real pain. Sure it’s convenient to pull out a cell phone a play a quick game of Angry Birds. But there are so many different mobile games that could really use a controller, and SteelSeries wants to be your solution.

The SteelSeries Stratus was announced at CES 2014 and while it’s currently one of the better Apple MFI certified controllers available it feels a bit cramped, especially to those with larger hands. And as gamers, we know comfort is just as important as portability.

Today, SteelSeries is unveiling their new Stratus XL. The XL is a full-sized console-style controller for iOS featuring a few additions to its little brother, most noticeably a larger body with a more comfortable ergonomic grip. It also introduces 2 analog trigger buttons on the back.

SteelSeries Stratus XL

Like its sibling, the XL comes with a pressure-sensitive D-pad, 2 pressure-sensitive top shoulder buttons, and pressure-sensitive ABXY buttons in the traditional diamond arrangement. It also sports a Bluetooth pairing button and dual analog sticks. But unlike the smaller Stratus, the Stratus XL’s analog sticks have a concave top allowing your thumbs to rest more comfortably and provide less slip.

SteelSeries say that you can have up to 4 Stratus controllers connected to an iOS device and there’s an indicator in the middle of the controller to show which controller is which. They claim that the Stratus XL has an estimated 40-hour playtime using two standard AA batteries. We’ll be sure to put the Stratus XL through its paces when it’s made available later this year.

The Stratus XL and the Stratus.

Looking for more information on the SteelSeries Stratus XL? Check out the SteelSeries website for more details.

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