E3 2014 | Prediction Podcast Palooza!

In case you missed it, we just finished rolling out the final podcast video for our predictions and expectations of everyone involved at E3 2014!


Join us as we take a look into the future to try and figure out what Microsoft will be showing off at E3. This is for exclusive Microsoft games only and we were not able to think of too many. Is that a bad thing or does it just mean they have a lot of cool things to reveal?

We speculate on a new Gears of War and if Halo 5 will be shown. Plus, are we hyped for Sunset Overdrive? Will there be more TV show announcements that gamers don’t care about? What’s going to happen to the Kinect. Remember smart glass?!



We look ahead to the upcoming showing for Sony at E3. For exclusives, things might not be going so good. The crew isn’t too interested in The Order: 1886 or Driveclub. But will we see something for a new God of War? What about Uncharted? The Last Guardian???

Plus, there’s a new game from Guerrilla Games that is rumored to be shown. And could Project Beast be an exclusive? We also fondly remember Wonderbook. Finally we determine that PlayStation Now could be the best thing Sony has going for them.



Nintendo’s future at E3 looks… interesting. Breezy is worried about Bayonetta while Ben is concerned that Hyrule Warriors will ruin Zelda. David will buy a Wii U for a traditional Pokemon game. Plus, could Mario Football be interesting? What about Mario Party, Star Fox, or F-Zero? Will a new Zelda game steal the show?

Lastly, we look into what could be done to help the Wii U and Nintendo in general.


Third Party

Third party developers look to be really bringing it this year. Alien: Isolation looks like a great Alien game, finally. Is having two Assassin’s Creed games this year too many? Batman: Arkham Knight is a next gen console seller? New COD and Battlefield don’t excite the crew. Plus, Ben hasn’t seen anything Kevin Spacey has ever done.

We also discus: how The Evil Within looks to be a return to classic horror and we are very interested. The brutal reality that PC gaming is already ahead of the new consoles in terms of horsepower. How FarCry 4 is going to be amazing. And don’t forget about Mirror’s Edge 2 or Star Wars Battlefront!

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