E3 2014 | Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Revealed for Wii U

Nintendo unveiled a sequel to 2005’s Canvas Curse at E3 2014 titled Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, revealed at E3 2014, is set for release on Wii U and heavily features cross GamePad input with similar interactions to the DS original. The player can use a stylus to solve puzzles by tapping objects to destroy them or even create cover and shields to protect Kirby against environmental hazards.

kirby 2
Kirby transforms into Rocket form

There will also be various brand new forms for the titular character to take including Submarines, Tanks and Rockets. The E3 2014 trailer is set to a remixed version of the classic nostalgia invoking Green Greens theme, where Kirby and the Rainbow Curse looks like a vibrant, frantic, and challenging puzzle title.

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