E3 2013 | Unexpected Wii U Sequel to Donkey Kong

With the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns two years ago, and the recent 3DS re-release it may come as a surprise that Retro has been working on a Wii U sequel.

It was announced at E3 that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be released this November for the Wii U.

Retro is revamping Donkey Kong in ways that will make it more appealing. Some of the revamps include:

  • Dynamic camera movements and HD details have been implemented, for a more 3D and energetic experience.
  • DK’s ground pound ability has been brought back, and his blowing move has been swapped out for a handle-grabbing move that will allow him to pull up platforms and levels.

Finding Dixie in a barrel replenishes DK’s health and gives him more momentum for his horizontal jumps.  There are plenty more collectables and secrets hidden about the levels, ensuring that even the most dedicated fan won’t have a boring  Donkey Kong Country experience.

Though perhaps unexpected, i’m sure that no DKC fan is complaining about this awesome sequel!


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